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I get to give "the talk" tomorrow

Over Christmas my cousin found that my niece was looking at inappropriate (sexual) things on the internet. She was googling words and terms that she heard in school, this is just curiousity. But then her mom found the websites that she's been visiting which are soft core p0rn.

They've had the talk several times, but obviously the niece doesn't trust her mom enough to talk to her about things about which she is curious. So her mom asked me to have a discussion with her.

After talking with the mom I then discovered that there were no parental controls on the TV or the internet. That she trusted them enough to not go on the sites. OF COURSE they're going to go there, even if it's by accident. her mom has banned her from the net, TV, and the niece is grounded. She called me in a panic about what to do with her, that she's afraid she's going to be the town s!ut. I said that I would talk to her and see what's going on.

Not only do I have to give a $ex talk, but I need to make sure there is an open dialogue between us, so I told the mom that whatever we talk about is confidential. Fun times!


Re: I get to give &amp;quot;the talk&amp;quot; tomorrow

  • Oh my, good luck! DH and I are nowhere near ready to have kids, but I already told him he's the one who gets to have that talk (of course maybe not with a daughter...). And we will definitely have parental controls, no matter how good or innocent we think they are!
  • Oh boy!

    The parents are lucky to have you around...

    Oh, and BTW, congrats on hitting the second trimester!  How are you feeling?

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  • wow, good luck, let us know how it goes!
  • I can't even imagine the talk with my own kid, much less someone else's. Good luck!!!
  • Having just had this conversation with DD, just be very up front with everything and answer all of her questions honestly. At that age she's going to be curious about things she hears at school and it seems that she doesn't have a very open relationship with her mom to ask these questions outright.

    I'd talk too with the mom on how to set up the parental controls, but as we all know, things will slip through.

    The best advice I can give, is to be open and honest and tell her that she can ask or tell you anything and that what she tells you will be between the two of you.

    I don't remember how old she is, but is she at the age or has she gotten her period yet? That's another way to open up dialogue. DD got hers a couple of weeks ago and no one was home except for my dad and bless him he knew exactly where everything was.

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