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I had a gross dream last night (dream TMI)

I dreamt that I was sleeping and got my period.  Like, major, soaking through clothing and sheets as if someone had stabbed me in my uterus.

I woke up and freaked out for a second.  It was a nightmare!!!

Re: I had a gross dream last night (dream TMI)

  • Ugh. I'm supposed to be starting here in the next day or two. That is reason enough alone for me to not want to travel in the morning. I don't like being places when Aunt Flo visits because I cramp SO bad. I should probably see a doctor, it's that bad.
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  • I always have dreams that I'm going to the bathroom.. and it feels so good.

    Then I wake up and panic, thinking I just pissed all over myself.

  • Alabaster - ha,ha!!!

    I never get a heavy flow IRL, so I was freaking out in my dream.

  • ugh i have had both the period and thinking i just pee'd myself dream. Both suck. I also get dreams where i have serious cramp, the ones i used to get when i was younger (debilitating) and i wake up freaking out and sometimes crying. I hate it.
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