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Poll: Salary

Bascially we just found out that two of our colleagues were given bigger raises than the four remaining ppl (actually she took part of our raise and gave it to them) and we all do the SAME exact job. Now we also found out that some of them make significantly more than one of us and it definitely bothers me. Granted i'm leaving this department very soon but i wanted to see how prevelant this is.

Do you talk about salary, even in a professional way, with your cowokers? Any expereince with finding out you make less than someone you know is doing the same job?

Re: Poll: Salary

  • I work for the gov., so everyone's salary is pretty much out there in the open.  We get an automatic raise in certain increments, so that would be the only difference in salary between people that do the same job.

    The government is pretty regulated that way, but then bonuses can differ greatly.

    I recently got a raise and before that I was kind of bitter, because I felt that I was doing more than other people that had a higher pay grade than me.  I spoke to my boss about it and made it known that I wanted a raise and that I deserved a raise and I got it.



  • Na, I don't really discuss salaries with my coworkers in my dept. I have a friend at work and we'll talk generally about bonuses/raises, but usually in percentages. I don't know exactly what she makes, but she'll tell me the % raise/bonus. She is not in my department and has a completely different job than me.

    That being said, we haven't had raises in almost 2 yrs. We get raises/bonuses in March, so we'll see what happens this year.

  • Do they have significantly more experience than the rest of you? Advanced degrees? Have they been with the company for a really long time?

    I teach so our salary guide is common knowledge but those are reasons why our pay varies. It sucks to know you're doing the same job for less but unless everyone started at the same time with the same background it's hard to judge whether it's fair or not.

    We don't get bonuses so I don't have anything to compare it to. But are they performance based? Like you made X amount of sales or brought in X number of clients?


    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced your mom's a moron and if you didn't have your name legally changed by the age of 22, so are you. Unless you're from another continent. -Groomz
  • ok really annoying, i just typed a whole response and then it wouldnt post.

    anyway....i am totally ok with my current salary, i accepted the offer obviously. but when were were all talking about bonuses (%s) one girl said what her total bonus amount was. since we all were in the same range of %s it was clear that she was making well over several members of the team (no she does not have more expereince, advanced degree, and has been here a shorter amount of time than me....BUT she worked with our boss at her last job) So that all just doesnt sit well.

    then we found out that she took .1% of our COL increase (which is really nothing from a monitary standpoint) but then gave it to two member of the team, so 4 ppl got .1% deducted and 2 ppl got .2% more, and i think that is just crap-tastic since we all completed all aspects of our reviews. I'm all for rewarding ppl who go above and beyond but not by taking from ppl who did 100% of thier job.

    Now i am def way over it from yesterady b/c i am leaving this dept but i feel bad for the three other ppl that just got screwed and are really upset. One of them is talking about leaving and i just feel awful cuz i think she is really good at her job.

  • Is that legal to take away COL ?  I thought that everyone at the same place had the same COL increase.

  • Under those circumstances I would definitely be annoyed and would want to know what was up with the preferential treatment. Since she talked about it freely I'm hoping that means she isn't aware that her good luck means other people's misfortune. I assume the boss figured nobody would ever know the difference.

    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced your mom's a moron and if you didn't have your name legally changed by the age of 22, so are you. Unless you're from another continent. -Groomz
  • yeah, we were all pretty annoying when we foudn out about the COL increase. when she told us about the .1% i assumed it would go toward our overall budget or something. I think the boss has no clue that ppl know she gave us diff amounts. but the two ppl she gave the bigger increase to I think she is trying to keep in the dept so that she doesnt have to recruit for thier jobs (there is a reason ppl keep leaving her dept).

    But yeah overall the thing stinks to high heaven. i was just really po'd yesterday and had to see what you gals thought. i of course won't say anything, but i do think this type of behavior is going to cause the boss to lose more good ppl.

  • The only 2 jobs I've had post-graduation were gov't (first state, now federal) so salary has never been an issue. We can easily look online to see what our co-workers make if we are curious.

    I think if I were in a competitive work environment I would be mad if someone less qualified than me was making more money.

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