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Hump Day has arrived

Good morning!!  Today is my last workday this week.  My office is a ghost town and I have a feeling today will be worse than yesterday. 

They're doing construction on half of my building and the dust was so bad yesterday I had to go to another building to get away from it.  Who knows what the hell is in that dust, since this building is a million years old.  They have a thin sheet of plastic up in the hallway next to mine to mitigate the problem, but that means that the closest bathroom is about half a mile away and it's grody.  It is also blocking the entrance to the only kitchen we have in the building.  I can't work under these conditions, so I may be 'forced' to leave early ;-)

I wanted to get my nails done for tomorrow night, but I'm afraid it's going to be a madhouse at the nail place.  Should I make an appointment for tomorrow or just wing it?

Re: Hump Day has arrived

  • I have work hoping I get out by 6 or so to make it to dinner at 7:30.

    I think if you get to the nail place when they open, you may be OK. if they take appts - I would make one, though.

  • I think you should leave work early due to "dust" and go get your nails done instead.
  • That sounds like a very probable plan.  I will need to leave even earlier b/c I need to get my cookie-binge-eating behind to the gym before I get my nails done or else they will smudge/chip.
  • image lilylow:
    I think you should leave work early due to "dust" and go get your nails done instead.

    That sounds like a great idea!

    It is too freaking cold this morning!  I have to run out and go to Social Security to finally change my name there.  Nothing like putting it off a year.

  • Hi, ladies! Today is my first and last day in the office this week.

    We were in NYC the past couple days and had a great time. Traffic getting into NYC was horrible, but we had a nice time once we got there. The tree at Rockefeller was beautiful! And, we had a super awesome dinner at Uncle Jack's Restuarant (Kobe beef!).

    I somehow got roped into hosting a NYE party at my in-laws house. It's a desserts and drinks party.. and I've started some of the desserts but still have a ways to go. I'm making oreo truffles, choc. chip cookies, choc. covered pretzels, rice krispie treats, muddy buddies (thanks to Izzy's suggestion), NYE cupcakes (I'll take a picture!), and of course tequila-orange jello shots :)

  • ah jello shots! love it!

    Today is one of two days in the office and no ONE from my dept is here today (which i think means sneaking out after lunch) tomorrow is work from home then leave to head to the shore for our family NYE bonanza. apps, drinks, and i bet only a few are still awake at 12. LOL. but we do have fireworks so if you hear anything in NWW please dont call the cops. ha!

    i cant believe it's only 9:47 ugh!

  • I'm kind of mad that it's Wednesday already since it means that my winter break is more than half over. I'm in a friend's wedding tomorrow and got spray tanned today so as productive as I'd like to be, I probably won't do much so I don't work up a sweat and smear/streak. I am going to shower before the 8-10 hour mark though so it's not as dark and because I've got to get ready and not look "like a female bodybuilder/ridiculous" (straight from the DH's mouth).

    Good luck getting your nails done!

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