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Do you have an active pre-schooler?

Is anyone familiar with Elefun? It?s a hilarious butterfly catching game for kids 3 and up. A motorized elephant blows butterflies into the air for kids to catch with a net. It?s a great game for little ones that like to move around and play

Re: Do you have an active pre-schooler?

  • This sounds like an ad, as do a few of your other accessable posts.
  • Huh.

    Your bio says you work for Hasbro.  Nd you come on here w/ a shtick for one of their toys.   Brilliant.  Hasbro will be less than thrilled...(And just this once?  I'd give a pass on DDing.  Because otherwise I'm fairly sure Hasbro will indeedy find out.)

    You're being a vendor.  Vendors are not appreciated (or allowed in the rules you agreed to?click on the nice little ?rules? button--you clicked "I agree" to those rules when you signed up for an account)

    If you're posting as a vendor and ignoring the rules I tend to assume either 1. you aren't literate enough to read things you agree to and/or 2. you have no respect for rules and feel free to lie--think about what that says about your business.

    If you are selling something, you are a vendor: ven?dor --Pronunciation: 'ven-d&r, ven-'dor?n: one that sells something



  • I do have this toy and it is annoying as crap.  The stupid trunk won't stay on when you turn the machine on and the butterflies all fly out at once.  I'd pass if I were you.
  • I didnt realize there was a kind of pre-schooler other than an "active one"


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