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i have health insurance questions mostly about deductibles.

We have a $2000 deductible on our medical account.  What exactly does that mean?  Does it mean I have to pay $2000 of my medical expenses in the year before they will even start covering me?

Let's say for example, that we've been to the doctor 6 times this year for regular old check ups and had one medical emergency totalling $3000...we have to pay $2000 of it then the medical insurance will cover $1000?

I'm confused.

Edit: I'm asking this because we haven't reached our deductible yet...we've only spent about $500 this year out of pocket in medical expenses but we went to the doctor while home in the states and they paid all but our $20 co-pay for the visit.  now I'm sending in claims from Europe (it is a global plan so that is not the problem) and they are denying the claim saying I haven't reached my deductible  yet.

Re: i have health insurance questions mostly about deductibles.

  • Yes, basically that is correct. You will pay a co-pay, and then you should get billed the difference between what the doctor bills and what the insurance allows. So for a $2000 deductible it would take a while if you were healthy to meet it. We each have a $2500 deductible so basically everything we pay is OOP, except for Finn's visits which we just pay the co-pay, because kids well visits are covered by our plan. And I believe you continue to pay co-pays, even after you meet your deductible.
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