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Happy Tuesday

Good morning, Ladies! How's everyone doing?

It's a cold one out there and I think I even saw snow on the way into work. Today is going to be rough.  I'm exhausted, but I have so much to do.

One of my coworkers got me a gift (a page-a-day calendar) and I didn't get him anything.  Thankfully, he's not in this week so I can get him something.  Any suggestions? 

Re: Happy Tuesday

  • This is my first day back after the Christmas festivities and I'm soooo tired.  Getting out of my toasty warm bed was the hardest thing to do this morning.

    The office is completely dead though so I'm enjoying all the quiet.


  • not a great morning. last night i tweaked my neck while just hanging out with my parents and it's killing me today. it's frickin freezing out there and i should have stopped for coffee.

     on a good note, i was offered that new job, which i accepted and just got my offer letter today. Now i have to start wrapping up my stuff to transition to my new role by the end of january! yeah!

    i suggest Wawa gift card etc. :)

  • Morning! Izzy - I think the Wawa GC is a good idea.

    My little guy has an ear infection. I had no idea because he was happy as can be and feeling better. He had a cold last week, but was still sleeping pretty good and not too fussy. Thankfully, we went for his 6 month checkup last night and they saw it. Poor guy.

    Schmoopiekins - congrats on the new job!!

  • I think I saw Dorothy and Toto out there! That wind was aweful I thought the house was gonna blow over. I am so tired too I was up late finally putting honeymoon pics in the album all 200 of them, Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday.

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  • Made it to lunch time!  It's freezing out today.  Counting down to another long weekend.  I wish I didn't have to work NYE.

    Wawa GC is perfect!

    image Anniversary
  • I took all of your advice and got him a Wawa GC.  There's one right by his house and he goes there all the time.  Great suggestion!
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