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FML car vent

So I drove into work this morning and my radio didn't work.  I have 2 car payments left so all I could think is that if stuff starts going, I will be super pissed because I would really like to not have a car payment for a while.  So I pull into the parking garage at work and usually my headlights go on, but they do not.  I tried turning them on manually, nothing.  Parked, restarted my car several times and nothing.  I think it's just a fuse, but now I can't drive home from work tonight because I don't have headlights!!!  I called my garage, they can't get me in until tomorrow but I have to get my car there by 9am.  So I will have to get creative tonight with public transportation or ride the subway up to North Philly to grab DH's car because he works till 8pm.  And now we have to get up really early, drive me to work, get my car, drop at car repair place, go to work, pick up car.  And DH has off tomorrow, which is great, but it's his birthday and I guess he wanted to go out tonight with his brother and his friend now he's stuck getting up early and driving me around.

Soooo pissed right now!!  Not to mention, both DH needed new tires last week and I got tires a few months back, so our car bills have been so high this year.  DH also got into a little fender bender the week before Christmas, so we also have a $500 deductible we owe on very soon as well.



Re: FML car vent

  • That sucks! I feel like when it rains, it pours! At least it does for me.

    It will get better - yeah, I know it sucks hearing it but it always does.

  • Ugh, that really sucks. 
  • that kinda stinks, but sounds like nothing major is wrong with the car - good luck

    also get your DH some night after drinking breakfast like a greasy egg sandwich so he will be fortified to drive u around

  • Thanks ladies.  I'm hoping that it's just a fuse and my mechanic can fix it.  I really don't want to worry about bringing it to the dealership if it's a computer issue.  They charge like $100 just to look at it, not including labor or parts you need to fix it. 

  • is there a way you can check your car on your lunch break?  last year on a freezing cold morning like today, my radio, lights, etc would not work.  i had it towed to the dealer and all of those friggin things miraculously worked.  it turned out that the fuses or something froze b/c it was so cold.  it's worth a shot... good luck
  • Jayelare - really? Thank you for posting this! I will definitely check this afternoon!
  • yes, $200 tow truck bill later and the car needed to be warm! 

  • Is your car starting up ok?  This happened to me while driving at night...interior lights went out, headlights went out, radio went out then the car just died.  My alternator had gone a few days before without me knowing so the car was running on the battery which of course quickly drained.  

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