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Yay for another week! And the start of a new year!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? What's up this week?

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  • I would say Yay but I don't have the week off! I just want to get through the next 3 days to have another 4 days off.

    My Christmas/ weekend were pretty good. Saturday and Sunday we hung out at home b/c my daughter had a little fever and I put away the Christmas decorations and found places for all her new toys. 

    This week I'm hoping to have a sitter for NYE so I can go to my friend's party.

  • Happy Monday!

    Weekend was mellow.  I lounged around and watched 4 episodes of Nip/Tuck and got through a good part of Season 5 of LOST.  I started packing my hospital bag and doing baby laundry yesterday.  This is so weird...

    This week I have a bunch of doctor's appointments.  That's about it.  I am supposed to be taking it really easy now (almost strict bed rest) and it's been hard to have my freedom taken away.  ;)

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • Happy Monday!

    It's hard to be back after 5 days off.

    The weekend was awesome. Lots of fun with family & friends.

    This week I am working a couple of days, we're hopefully closing on our house, and I am leaving for Hong Kong on Sunday. Crazy.

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  • Happy Monday!

     I'm here at work. 4 day weekend went by so fast! OMgee! We just had too much fun. Now I have purse buying on the brain.... :P

  • I'm bitter to be at work, but it's ok bc I have a great client that I'm having dinner/meeting with after work today.

    I'm looking forward to a 3 day week!

  • It was a nice weekend with a little bit of everything: family time, alone time with H, hanging out with fellow purse whores & going out to the movies.

    I'm so glad it's a three day week. Today will be the busiest out of the three.

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  • I'm on week 2 of 3 of my break and I am already sad thinking about it ending.

    I had a good, mellow weekend. Just a lot of reading. I'm trying to make it to 140 books in '09, so I am reading in every free second to get there. (I have 4 to go)

    This week, more reading, maybe some grading and some gyming. My mom is coming to shop w/ me on Wed.

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  • I had a good weekend with shopping during the day on Saturday and a show on Saturday night.  I spent Sunday reading and recovering and dealing with dumb work drama. 
  • I would say Yay but I have to work most of this weekSad

    The weekend was nice but it flew by. 

    Sat: Worked out in the morning and then went to the mall for some shopping.  The mall was crazy so H and I only spent an hour there and then went out to lunch at chilis. After lunch we relaxed and watched My Sisters Keeper.

    Sun:  Yoga in the morning, laundry, and watched Public Enemy and Inglorius bastards.

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  • I have this week off too, so I'm home with my DD.  We had a great Christmas and weekend.  Family GTGs were surprisingly pleasant.  Went to see Princess & the Frog, which was super cute.  We'll probably do a playdate today. I intend to do some shopping this week, but don't know when.

    We're going to the Bay Area in a couple days to visit some friends and see my cousin's new baby girl.  So excited.

  • this weekend was filled with lots o' family time, topped off with a celebration for my 21st birthday (again) yesterday.

    we just flew back home today - I have a big to-do list for this week, hope to get through most of it!

    merry everything!

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  • Xmas Eve: Did last minute shopping and with H and stopped at my work for a bit to partake in the Carls Jr. truck.  Then, took a nap for a couple hours.  Then, went to a friends house in LA and was introduced to the awesome "I am T-Pain" iPhone application.  Hours of fun.

    Xmas Day: Morning with H's family and afternoon with mine.

    Saturday: Xanadu!  My aunt's friend couldn't go so I was invited instead.  Pretty fun.

    Sunday: Laundry and Costco.

    This week: No plans.

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