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I don't feel like going out on NYE but I already committed

I am having serious thoughts about just staying in and cooking a nice dinner for DH and I.

This makes me feel old and boring.

I also already told several people I would see them at this party I am invited to. I also told my one friend she could come with me after work(she lives in the burbs and works downtown) and she could get ready at my house and go with us.

Can I change my mind now or is it totally rude?

Re: I don't feel like going out on NYE but I already committed

  • I am old and boring - it's ok, I have accepted it.  The kiddos beat me down.  Although I was called a cougar yesterday at the Eagles game ha ha

    Is your friend definitely coming to your house to get ready?  If she is planning on it then yes it would be rude, but if she hasn't committed I would just tell her your plans changed

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  • is it a dinner type party or more of a house party with some food?  if it is the latter, not rude in my book.  the friend getting ready part does throw a bit of a wrench into the plans.
  • I think the only catch is the friend coming to your house to get ready.  Double check with her.  If she's got other plans, I'd bail.

  • is it a large party at my friend's coffee shop, Higher Grounds. She closes her shop and throws a private party there every New Years. It will have a DJ, app type foods and booze. Plenty of people so I wouldn't like ruin the party if I didn't show. DH says it is up to me he is down for whatever.

    I think I will call my friend and feel her out, see if she seems like she will be pissed if i don't go etc..

    I guess I am just surprised at myself, I usually love these parties, I just feel kinda tired this year.

  • I would rather stay home, but we hardly ever get to go out, so I am excited.

    If she is unsure of what her plans are then it would be fine to cancel, but if she is all set about coming over, then yeah, it would be rude.

  • Im feeling the same way this year. We were invite to two parties- one with friends without kids and one with family with kids. We declined the friend one because I dont want to have to get a sitter. We decided we are going to the family one but only staying till like 9, pretty much eat and leave. i have work all week and a regular day on Thursday, plus tons to do for Friday. Call me an old lady but I just dont feel like staying out, i rather be home and comfy on my couch to watch the ball drop. if i even make it that long.

    just tell your friend that is coming to your place that plans changed, you guys arent going. Depending on the relationship, I would tell her she can still use my place as an in between stop if necessary

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  • yeah... i backed out of going to a big party at a friends in boston. now we are going to phoenixville for a low key adult party times.


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