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Laptop accessory for a teenager?

For Christmas, I bought a wireless mouse for my teenage cousin, who is getting a laptop from his mom this year. I just found out that his grandma also got him a wireless mouse & keyboard.

Can you think of anything else that would be a good gift to compliment his new laptop? I'm thinking in the $20 range.

Thanks! (This is my third gift that I found out is a bust already!)


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Re: Laptop accessory for a teenager?

  • An extra pack of AA batteries with a charger? We go through batteries often with the wireless. What about a slim fit case- if you know what size? What about a USB jump drive or two for extra storage?

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  • For a laptop, I'd get a case to carry it in.  They have some nice ones at Wal-Mart.  If he will be in college anytime soon, he will use it everyday for class.

    Oh, or a skin from!

  • How about a pet rockBig Smile

    Actually, Think Geek has a lot of neat USB accessories so you could poke around on that website and probably find something he would like.


  • I was going to suggest a laptop skin too.  Does the laptop have a built in webcam?  You could get one of those, that way he can chat with friends or family that leave far away.

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  • - Neoprene laptop sleeve

    - webcam especially if they are going away to school in the near future

    - gift certificate for Best Buy or Future Shop for software or games

  • Removal flash drive.  Find them at Radio Shack.  Will be good if he has a memory card in his phone, he'll be able to easily transfer songs to his phone.
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