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party vent - need advice

So I just spent like 30 minutes picking out some dip trays and making a menu for a surprise party we are throwing MIL on the 26th.  It's being given by DH and I, BIL, and FIL.  FIL invited about 15 of their friends.  So since it's a surprise *I* have to take MIL out of the house to go shopping, so I figured we would just order some trays from Wegmans and have one of the guys pick it up and put it out.  It's not like we can cook anything.

So I just heard from DH that FIL and BIL are looking into hoagie trays.  Jesus H Christ, we're having 15 people over in the evening for a party and they just want some hoagies.  Nothing else.  I picked out a Southwestern Dip tray, Spinach dip, a veggie tray, cold shrimp, pinwheels (wraps), and a CAKE if all of us chip in like $50 each.  But they (BIL & FIL) want hoagies.

As much as I complain about MIL, she's a sweet lady and threw me the nicest shower at her house with fancy catering.  The cake was a 2-tier and I know she spent big money on it.  She does so much for family birthdays and she's gotten jipped for 60 yrs having her birthday on xmas day.

Am I being unreasonable?  Should I just go with the flow on this or plead my case?  They probably already think I'm a biitch for trying to run this thing, but I'm an events manager for christss sake!

Someone talk me down off a ledge... :)

Re: party vent - need advice

  • talk them into a happy medium. get the hoagie tray, one dip, shrimps, nix the pinwheels, and get a cake.

    or, have your husband battle it out with the nitwit men on his side

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  • Drop a tray or two, and keep the cake.  It's her birthday.

    Also, have DH invoice his siblings.

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  • I would have you husband call and say

    "Jewels wanted to return the favor of the lovely shower mom threw for her, so she orderd a few nice things, if you want hoagies feel free to get them as well"

    Food can always be taken home and eaten over the holiday week if there is leftovers, but you will still have variety and something more exciting for MIL then hoagie tray which in my mind = dude food

  • get both

    Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!
  • I agree with pp.  Still do a dip, some other type of tray- veggies or whatever- and a cake, and tell them if they want hoagies, that's great, and you look forward to enjoying those too (but they can order/pay). 
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  • first of all, they're men, they have no clue.

    Compromise, get the hoagie try, but also get a couple of the dips and cake.

  • I would get the hoagie trays and the dips.  They're men..they're thinking dips?...we need sandwiches too! 
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  • Ok, thank you all for the sanity check.  I have heard nothing from BIL/FIL, but when I do I will suggest they do the hoagies, we'll do the dips & cake.  Call it a day.  I feel much better :)  It will require them to go to two different places to pick up stuff, whereas if they were smart enough they'd do the hoagies at wegmans too. 




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