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A good breakfest before brunch

Im having a family brunch on christmas morning at the In-laws house. 

I was wondering what do you think I should make to eat for my hubby and I early in the morning...something to tie us over before we go to his parents around 11am?


Re: A good breakfest before brunch

  • Will you be eating at 11ish? or later?

    What do you normally eat for breakfast? (lasting until 11am from breakfast doesn't seem that hard to me) How early will you be eating?

    Do you want it to be something "special" or just sustaining? 

    Do you want to cook as such, or do something easy.

    If you normally eat cereal and toast...then maybe fancy muesli and croissants with ham and brie would be easy and a variation on what you're comfortable with. Nice coffee and juice would make it feel special without any real extra effort

    I always love French toast and it's quick and easy to make.

    If you don't want to cook then things like muffins, danishes, fruits, boiled eggs can be done ahead of time.

    It really depends on what boxes you're trying to hit beyond filling yourselves up. 

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  • It depends on what time you normally would eat breakfast and how much you eat.

    For instance, I won't eat until 11 most days, and it's usually a light meal. But if you are used to eating a big breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns) at 7 or 8, then I would eat a bagel with cream cheese or one egg and one piece of toast to help keep you until 11. 

  • A bowl of cereal?  I assume you will probably be eating everything but that at brunch.  If you want to go a little fancier...maybe a fruit and yogurt parfait or something?
  • I know my DH would want something small. I would want to make something fancy, but he'd just roll his eyes at me and say that he's fine with just cereal or an english muffin. lol.


  • I'd suggest just a n egg and an apple or orange.  avoid anything too sugary or starchy.
  • I'd avoid indulgent things, since that is what brunch is.  Low-sugar yogurt and a small bowl of oatmeal (whole grains and protein), maybe some fruit to go with it. 

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  • I agree with pps.  I wouldn't over do it.  Infact I would go a long as usual with your breakfast.  You're probably going to over eat at brunch anyways.
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