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City ladies - what is the lawn chair story on your block?

So far no one has busted out with the space savers in our 'hood.

I am kinda hoping the neighbor parked in front of me had the sass and love for me to back his car halfway into "my" space after he helped me dig out again this morning.

Do you fight with neighbors?

Have you ever witnessed a fight?


Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!

Re: City ladies - what is the lawn chair story on your block?

  • When I lived in NE Philly, you obeyed the chair/lawn furniture/trashcan/cone rule. And if you didn't, you would be fearful for the safety of your car. It seemed like normal behavior.

    In the burbs, all the city rules go out the window. At my parents house, it is every man for themselves.

    We have a driveway now so we don't deal with this issue anymore.


  • i just CANT deal w/ the lawn chair issue...

    the thing that kills me is when there is literally FLURRIES and they are out there ;P  or the snow has been history for WEEKS and people are still doing it...grrrrrr......

  • There are definitely chairs/garbage cans/cones out on our street. Luckily we have a driveway so it's not an issue for us, but a lot of people don't.
  • most of my neighbors park under 95 so its not too bad. i did see an orange cone in front of one house though.
  • DH actually put a lawn chair in his spot yesterday when he went to work - I was cracking up.

    I just don't move my car till the snow melts, I may have to cave tommorrow for last minute shopping stuff.

    there was a fight Saturday night in my hood, not chair related but car related.

    Many of my neighbors moved their cars under the train bridge when the snow started to fall.

    late that night and many feet later, I hear this woman screaming, DH was outside shoveling already so I decided it was time to take Maggie out (re i wanted to be nosy). Anyway lady was screaming, these punk teens were screaming back and pelting her with snowballs.

    Apparently she caught them going down the line of cars under the bridge and breaking mirrors off (so nice) she yelled and called 911 they in turn started assalting her and calling her all types of names.

    DH got involved to help woman who was our neighbor and the cops came shortly after. 

  • Jesus JIH that is awful.
    Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!
  • We had one lone chair out this morning.  I literally rolled my eyes at it and continued on. 
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  • I noticed a chair out this morning and it was moved so the big van thing could get back into "his" spot. the best part that wasn't his spot to begin with but it was the nicest cleaned out. How can you claim a spot you did not clean out!?!

    Chair rule in general is stupid,. 

  • I learned something new in this post.

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    EDD: 9-20-14

  • Traffic cones galore on my neighbor (the block captain!) uses a cone all the time and we move it if we need to. I don't move them during storms though b/c I'm afraid for my safety (j/k...ok, maybe not).

    I really dislike people who use cones, but I also dislike people who move right into nicely shoveled spots just the person drives out of maybe I just hate everyone lately.

    My Boys

  • Our neighbors don't do chairs, but it's just an unspoken rule that you don't park in a street spot not in front of your house after snow.  I had to explain this to a friend who dropped by unexpectedly last night- had to make her move her car before someone flattened her tires or something.
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  • Surprisingly, we don't have anyone with chairs out.  DH refused to let me put something in the spot that i had, and he took the time to shovel out, considering he is a s.philly native.  Trying to find parking has been fun.  thank god there is a school yard.  it's crap though.  And the area under 95 is fenced in.
  • we had a front yard in west philly/ucity  that had lawn chairs unlocked in it. 

    and in the summer one of the chairs was stolen, naturally.

    and in the winter i saw it in the street saving a parking spot 2 houses down.

    so i took it back.  

  • I was visiting a family member last night and there were no spots within blocks. My hands were full with a child, 2 cookie trays, 4 presents, and a bag, not to mention the trenches I had to trudge through.

     There was one spot left with a stupid chair.  I somehow squeezed my truck halfway into the spot/half on the mound of snow behind it- front of my car was just up to the chair without actually touching it. I am sure I pissed someone off but I don't care, I was there an hour and left. I am pretty sure I seen a window peeper that quickley ran out to move their car into said spot.

     And there are a few of chairs/cones/paint buckets with plywood on top?? on my street but I parked under 95 anyway. My original "spot" has been plowed in

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  • Last night I came home late and I couldn't even find a parking spot under 95!!!  I debated the Target parking lot but then found a lonely spot down by Snyder, a little bit of a haul from my house.  No one dug out spots on our street except for a few and I noticed today, that someone had one of those rubbermaid totes in the spot.  And I just came back from some errands and drove through South Philly and chairs and cones are everywhere!
  • I live in the burbs and we still have snow parking problems. Our neighbors left their cars parked on our side of the road where you're not supposed to park during snow so half our side of the street didn't get plowed. DH and our nice neighbor shoveled spots out in front of our house for our cars (the places we normally park in) for a couple hours on Sunday. On Monday I came home and the d!cks who were the reason half our block didn't get plowed parked in the spots DH shoveled and one even put a chair in one of them because they can't get into their deep and frozen spots.

    I was pretty proud of myself for moving one of the chairs and parking there anyway but I had to go back out and lost the spot when I got back. I had to park in the ice the next block over and walk the baby down the street in the ice because those same people didn't shovel and their sidewalks are more dangerous than the still ice-covered street. Yes, I'm bitter.

    my read shelf:

  • Great Norf-eass here, but the chairs/cones/trashcans rule applies here. Mainly to ward off the jerkoff teachers at the school the next block down, who can't park on a normal day.  God, they're awful, but I won't put anything out starting tomorrow.
  • what the hell we came home tonight and tons of spots were chaired off.  one them was the one we dug out! how annoying.
  • Uh, I came home to my street being plowed, but three HUGE piles.  One takes up about 3 parking spaces!!!

    I'm movin' to the 'burbs!!!!

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