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anyone else working tomorrow?

Re: anyone else working tomorrow?

  • I am, and thursday too.  We'll probably get out at 1 on thursday.
  • I am - hope to get out by 3.

    I know a lot of people who are not only working tommorrow but Christmas Eve day, luckily I am not one of them.

  • i am working the next 2 days :(  but hope to get out early on xmas eve
  • I almost shut us down for the week after the snow, but I couldn't bring myself to do it I am trying to keep a stable schedule of open/close for a year so i can make more accurate closing judgments next year.

    But I did close us for christmas eve and day.

  • I am, and Thursday until 1pm. Doing an additional 2 hours tomorrow too.
  • we only get off xmas day and never close for snow. you want to stay home in the snow? use a personal day. grinches. 

  • I am, but I took off Christmas Eve.  It's not a holiday for us.  I am so ready for some time off.
  • I am working until 3 tomorrow, then going to MIL's office party.  And not working on 12/24.
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  • hoooooooooooooo grumpadump!

    I'm on deck until 1300 Christmas Eve.

    Today is kind of a fudge though, I had a doc appt. this morning, got in, nested and am leaving in 30 minutes for a work party.

    I'll be at Aldo Lamberti if anyone wants to stalk me!

    Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!
  • image stilldreaming:

    we only get off xmas day and never close for snow. you want to stay home in the snow? use a personal day. grinches. 

    This is exactly my company, too. However, now that I moved to a different business unit, I now have a laptop and can work from home if need be. It's been great so far not having to take an entire personal day.

    I'm working all this week (except friday) and I'm working all next week except for friday.

  • I'm in tomorrow, off Thursday and Friday. Not doing anything productive though.
  • I am trying my hardest to be productive but everything i need is from other people who have checked out this week already.

     Not trying to be the grinch but my hunter rain boots are about to go up an accountants ass. 

  • I'm in tomorrow; although I decided today that I'm not working Thursday, thus starting my vacation one day earlier and won't be back until the 4th of January!  Wahoooooooooo!!!!
  • i am in tomorrow, we are closed thursday and friday.
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  • I'm in tomorrow and then until noon on Thursday.  I took a half day on Thursday to get home by Christmas morning Travel

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    EDD: 9-20-14

  • I'm working tomorrow and I get out at noon on Thursday.  Christmas eve afternoon I go to a BYOB in Horsham with a bunch of people from work where we proceed to drink too much wine and oddly some Mad Dog thrown in for good measure.

  • image stilldreaming:

    we only get off xmas day and never close for snow. you want to stay home in the snow? use a personal day. grinches. 

     This.  I will be here all day tomorrow, plus Thursday. 

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  • I am here tomorrow but off Thursday. We usually get off the day after christmas but since it is a Saturday they gave us the eve instead. I'll take it
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  • I'm working tomorrow & Thursday and I'll be lucky if I get out by 4pm on Christmas Eve.
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