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off again!!

I can't believe school is closed again!!!  Looks like we'll be in school till july, but I'm not gonna complain b/c I can get things done

Re: off again!!

  • Lucky for you!  But I really hope our district isn't off again tomorrow.  I have one last present that I need to get.  I've been putting it off and now tomorrow is the last chance that I'll have!
  • I was surprised when I got the call. I'm trying to decide whether to hope they don't bother to open for a half day on Weds or not. Going to July or dealing with bonkers kids who have nothing but snow and Christmas on the brain...that's a tough call.

    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced your mom's a moron and if you didn't have your name legally changed by the age of 22, so are you. Unless you're from another continent. -Groomz
  • That's crazy, but awesome for you!

    The side roads are still really bad in my town.  I don't know what the twp. is doing.

  • CLOSED, really?! I don't get it... although I admit that I wish I didn't have to go to work, I am here.

    I drive over an hour to Philly everyday, so I don't quite get why schools are closed.

    Oh and I work through July and August every year.... :-P

  • The neighborhood roads are SO bad the busses have a hard time getting around. When they slide they can't stop like a car can. My friends mom is a bus driver.

    Jerry & Diana 8/29/09

    TTC since 11/2009

    HSG 4/2010 dx blocked tube

    1st IUI 8/10/2011 50 chlomid + ovidrel bfn

    9/2011 follicle on blocked side no IUI 50 chlomid

    2nd IUI 10/14/2011 100 chlomid + ovidrel bfn

    3rd IUI 11/6/11 Letrozole + ovidrel bfn

    4th IUI 12/30/11 Follistim + ovidrel bfn

    5th IUI 1/26/12 Follistim + ovidrel no ovulation bfn

    6th IUI 5/24/12 Follistim + novarel ovulation confirmed bfn

    7th IUI 6/17/12 Follistim + novarel proj check 6/22/12

    P/SAIF welcome!
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