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Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

I hope your weekend was fantastic!

Mine was good, got the keys to my house (yay) and Friday night a girlfriend came over and we sat in my empty house, drinking champagne and eating salad...  it was lovely.   :)

How was your weekend?  Anything exciting happen?

Re: Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

  • Good morning! Congrats on getting your keys. What a great thing!

    We didn't do much over the weekend other than things to get ready for Christmas. I thought I was done shopping but we don't have any stocking stuffers for BIL so I will go and get something. SIL is always so generous so I want to make sure we have that covered.

  • Drank way too much champagne at my holiday party this weekend, and I think my mom is moving in with me. That about sums up the craziness of this weekend.
  • image snowflake54:

    Mine was good, got the keys to my house (yay) and Friday night a girlfriend came over and we sat in my empty house, drinking champagne and eating salad...  it was lovely.   :)


    Congrats to you and the house!!! Sounds like a great first night.

  • Good morning ladies!

    I had a crazy full weekend!  I cooked dinner for my parents for my dad's bday.  Went and volunteered at the salvation army.  Took my parents out to a comedy show with my DH.  Helped moved DH aunt from one nursing home to another and ran some mroe errands.  I am tired!


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  • Congrats on the house!!! 

    Friday night, we went to a Christmas party/potluck with some friends, which was really nice.  Saturday, DH ended up working more than 12 hours, so I went by myself to a one-year old's birthday party, and we had to skip the 12 Pubs of Christmas (which disappointed us both).  But I did finally have the time to finish writing all of our Christmas cards!

    Yesterday, we went out to brunch with a group of friends after church. 

    Today is our 2nd anniversary!!  We're going out to dinner tonight and probably to the Garden d'Lights in Bellevue. 

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  • Good morning!  Congrats on your keys and your first night in the new house, snowflake :)

    We had all kinds of crazy this weekend.  I hosted a big party for DH's family, around 20 people, which was the first time I've had more than 8 people in any place I've lived (besides college keggers, lol).  It went just fine, but I was ready to drop!  We also found out that DH's work is sending him (and I'm sending me) to London for 3 weeks.  We have to leave New Year's Eve, with less than two weeks to prepare!!

  • Congrats on the new house, that is exciting!! :)

    Friday night we had our usual homemade pizza and be lazy night. Saturday I went downtown and did a little last minute shopping with my girlfriends and got my hair cut?had to stop for Top Pot doughnuts, mmmmmm.... Yesterday I worked most of the day and finally went to bed around 2 am, so tired. Then laid there feeling like I'm getting a UTI, suckola. Still trying to decide if I should cal my doc to get a prescription or wait. Other than that it was a great weekend. 

  • Morning.

    Not too much happened for me this weekend. We went and randomly had dessert at Icon on Saturday. It was goooooood.

    Our forensic inspector is cutting more holes in our house today. From what I saw they were pretty big holes. I can't wait for this lawsuit to be over with.

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  • congrats on the house snowflake!!!

     i came in to work on saturday...lame.

    yesterday, i went to the mall...omg, it was busy.  it also made me realize...that i really do live on an island and once stuff is gone, it's gone. i had to go to 6 stores looking for stockings!!!  every store's christmas display is non-existent.  i may end up buying some cheapola fabric and just making them...grrr.

    i still need to get our christmas eve dinner fixin's. i'm also cooking a boneless leg lamb roast...never cooked one before...hopefully it turns out well...yikes.

    happy monday ladies!!!

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  • Yeah for house keys! 
    This is my first day of winter break and I'm so excited! 

    DH and I helped some friends move from Freemont to Ballard on Saturday and they treated us to Greek food at Costas Sopas (spelling) in Freemont.  Yummy stuff!  We were bums that night and watched some Christmas movies. Sunday we cleaned like fools and did some last minute Christmas shopping for MIL and FIL who are coming today and staying until tomorrow morning.  I'm not too excited because they are bringing their Australian Shepherd puppy.  Our condo is not big enough for a dog and we have a new cat!  It should be interested.  I am excited to host a small early Christmas dinner for them.

    I have to go finish tidying the house and do some much needed baking!  Have a great day ladies!

  • Snowflake - congrats on the house!

    Avila - happy anniversary!

    We had a busy weekend but it was all fun. Friday was a Christmas party, Saturday my parents took us to White Christmas at the 5th Ave as my late birthday present, and yesterday my friends threw me a month late birthday party (it happens when you're a Thanksgiving baby). The party was a private tasting at Wine Styles in Bothell. DH and I have gone there before and it's a total blast. I ate too much and tried too many wines, so off to the gym I go after work. Christmas shopping is DONE so we get to relax this week and wait for Christmas to arrive. I think we're also going to the lights at Bellevue Botanical Gardens, either tonight or tomorrow!

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