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From Santa or not?

We decided this year to get both of our boys a new PSP with a couple of games to go with each of them.  For us, this was a huge expense as we had to buy 2 of everything, and we have been saving for a while to be able to do this for them.  My boys are 6 and 9, and I know my youngest still believes in Santa and my 9 year old claims he does.  I think he is too afraid to come out and say there isn't, just in case.....

 Anyway, DH feels like seeing as we spent so much money on these gifts they should come from us, not from Santa.  That way we can explain to them that they were expensive, they need to be taken care of and for them to understand that they didn't simply fall from the sky for free. (and I am sure, to get a little of the credit for them as well)  I totally understand his points and I can't say that I disagree, however...I am torn.  My 6 year old still adamently believes, and this is all he asked for from Santa.  In letter form, on his lap, and every night before he goes to bed.  So how do I explain to him that Santa didn't get this, and why?  I want him to get to enjoy the mystery of Santa as long as he can, kids grow up too fast in today's world and if I can keep one thing innocent enough for him, i would truly like too.  However I also want him to appreciate what he has, and maybe i am totally overthinking this whole thing.  I mean, he has been hoping for the last three months to get one, will he really care who it comes from?

 What do you ladies think?  By the time we were done with both kids, we spent close to $500 on the whole package, to do one for each of them.  This is a lot of money for us.  Opinions would be hugely appreciated.

Re: From Santa or not?

  • I would say yes they are from Santa. 

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  • I see nothing wrong with having the other presents from Santa and the PSP's from YOU. Can the games be from Santa?
  • Can't you tell them that you really wanted to buy them the game system?

    I would tell them that and say the games are from Santa.

    But even if you do say it's from Santa, you can still tell them that they need to be careful with it. 

  • I always do the 1 big thing they really wanted from Santa.  But honestly my son doesn't even remember who got him what, just that he got the thing he wanted.  You can still explain that they are expensive gifts and need to be taken care of.  I stress that to both of my kids all the time no matter how expensive or cheap the item is.  They need to take care of their belongings.
  • I tell my girls that I give Santa some money every year to help him with their presents (in addition to the presents that come from me and DH). My original reason for doing this was because big DD had a friend one year whose family was poor and she asked me why Santa didn't bring her friend very many toys. I told her that there are a lot of little kids in the world, and Santa isn't always able to do a whole lot for everyone, so we give him a little bit of money to help with presents and reindeer expenses, but not everyone is able to. He still brings them toys, just sometimes not as many.  It was all I could think of on the spot, but it worked, and I now get a little bit of credit for her gifts from Santa as well.
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  • When I was growing up, my "big" gifts were always from Santa, but my parents always had the talk with me about the gifts. They would explain how much it cost etc. and remind me that they (mom & dad) are with me all year long and I could lose this "big" gift if I didn't behave like I should.

    I really think you can express the price and the importance of the gift and still let them come from Santa. Also, this could be the thing that allows your 9 y.o to hold on to the thought of Santa a little longer. Make the games from you and tell them that you and Santa talked.

    If your DH really wants them to come from you guys (for the credit Stick out tongue) you could always tell the kids that dad and Santa played rock, paper, scissors to see who got to give them what they REALLY wanted and Santa won. haha

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  • not. 

    sorry, I just couldn't resist. ;)


  • I would say the biggest thing is from Santa and then you bought the games and other "stuff" that goes with.
  • image Wedding18:
    I would say yes they are from Santa. 


    When we were kids and believed in Santa, toys came from santa only and my parents got us a few practical gifts (clothes, etc). 

  • When I was a kid, everything in my stocking came from Santa, everything under the tree came from Mom and Dad.  So you could put the system under the tree from you, and have the games in their stocking from Santa.
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  • I guess for me, the "credit" comes in seeing a child's joy, regardless of whether or not the child is thanking me or Santa. 

    If it's all he asked for, don't you think he's going to be careful with it anyway?

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  • I vote from Santa. OK, so you don't get the "credit" for it now (do you really care as long as they are happy??) but in a few years when they don't believe in Santa they will remember all the cool things they got and know that was you. Don't be hung up on getting kudos from a 6 year old.  
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