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UNC's Roy Williams

have we discussed Roy yet?

full article

With about seven minutes left in Carolina?s 103-64 blowout over Presbyterian on Sunday, Williams had a visiting fan who was seated about 20 rows behind the Carolina bench thrown out of the Dean Dome for heckling free-throw shooting Tar Heels forward Deon Thompson.

And what was the heckler?s egregious remark that caused him to get the boot from the game?

?Hey Deon, don?t miss it!?

With a heinous taunt like that, it?s no wonder Williams asked for the fan to be tossed.

After the game, Williams explained his illogical and unreasonable actions.

?I don?t think anybody should yell anything negative at our players. Period. Let?s don?t make it a bigger thing than it is. But I just don?t think anybody should yell negative things toward our players (when) you come in on our tickets to watch our game.?

 The article in USA Today makes it sound like the guy was not even part of the ticket group that Roy was talking about.

Even if he had come in under tickets that the team gave out, I think this was completely uncalled for on Roy's part. I am sure the game was not even close at that point.


Although the first article does mention that Roy sent flowers to Duke's Andre Dawkins after the death of his sister, which I think was a very nice gesture. 

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Re: UNC's Roy Williams

  • Yeah, because I'm sure Tar Heels fans NEVER heckle opposing players...Hmm
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  • let's all fold our hands in our laps and golf clap at sporting events we pay to see

    this is ridiculous

  • He's just mad UK kicked their butts and will hit 2,000 wins first.  :)   Like his players weren't heckled at Rupp?  Any athlete has to expect a certain level of heckling, regardless if they are playing at home or away.


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  • I thought it was super dumb before I heard the whole story... that I've heard it all, I find it even more dumb. What the crap is his issue?! I like NC and all, but that was uncalled for. Does that mean he's going to have every opposing fan who yells at his team thrown out? What's he gonna do during the UNC-Duke game, not let any Duke fans in?

    This irritates the snot out of me.

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  • I HATE UNC with a passion. (Duke fan) BUT, I like Roy Williams as a coach. I was sad that I would have to "dislike" him for joining the baby blue side. I have now lost all respect for him!!

    I guess there will be no fans allowed at any game the UNC Men's basketball team participates in! What a crock of SH*T!!!!!

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  • I heard about this and I still think it's weird.  I have no idea why he would do that.  I would love to know what he does when they yell at opposing teams.
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  • Deon is going to have a tough time in Cameron. Thanks Roy :) 

    BTW, this year with each purchase of a UNC basketball you receive one complimentary heckling fan.   


  • I haven't liked Roy Williams since his betrayal to KU. He looks nice and all on the surface, but underneath he really isn't a nice guy at all.
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