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how is everyone?!?!!?

It's been a while since I came over here and just wanted to say hi to all the Bama nesties.  Hope everyone is doing well, getting ready for the holidays and such!!!!


Re: how is everyone?!?!!?

  • Hey Katie!!!  As you can see this place is still dead, dead, dead.  I still pop in to see if there is anything going on but I usually post on NBC now.

    How is your pregnancy coming along?  You look great in your siggy pic.

    Siggy coming soon....
  • hey Wendy girl!!!!  I'm good, and thanks for the compliment.

    Dang, it is dead over here.  I hate that.

    You have an anny coming up - how fun!!!

  • Sure do!  5 years.... hard to believe...

    You should stop by here more often!  We need to get this place back up and going. 


    Siggy coming soon....
  • Hey Katie!

    I check in every day just in case there's something but there usually never Wendy, I've been spending most of my time on NBC.

    Things are good here..still trying to get gifts finished. We have no idea what to get FIL because the AU Grill set we wanted to get him is no longer available anywhere in town.

    We're also wanting to take a picture in front of Samford and those trees but lack people who are willing to do it for us. Plus, H is working late this week so by time he gets home it's already dark. blah.

    I'm trying to be really Christmas-y this year so that way it's not too depressing. I was making out cards the other night and just started crying.

    I'm being an AW about it but I just won a signed book by one of my favorite authors thanks to twitter so I'm really excited about that.

    Wendy is look amazing and I can't believe how much time has passed for you..and Amy. 

  • you are TOO sweet Crystal!!!!

    you should have called me, I would have come over there and taken your pics at Samford!!!

    Did you look at Auburn hardware and see if they have the grill set?  Or something similiar - or what about Auburn Art?  I'd look online too.

    That's cool about the book.

    I'm good, just trucking along, ha ha.

    Amy only has 35 days left!!!  I'll be in 3rd tri as of Friday.  CRAZY!!!

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