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XP: Hurricane Humor

I'm sure that i am not going to post this properly so forgive me if it doesn't come across as funny as it actually was.

As you may or may not know I work for a major insurance company. I have, of course been taking claims all day. Some are major some not so much. So this guy calls in this morning, probably in his early 40's wants to know if debris and tree removal is covered under his policy, "yes" I tell him, what about food spoilage, again "yes". But this is all subject to your deductible, which I then proceed to tell him is 'X'. He understands then wants to know if his carpets are covered because they are "a right old mess after everyone's been walking on them."

I hope this translates onto the screen.


Re: XP: Hurricane Humor

  • wait he wants to know if his carpet is covered because it's old?! Or if it's covered because the fridge spilled it's goo on the floor and people tracked it through the carpet?

    Either way. Haha!!?

  • Isn't that the carpet's main purpose in be walked on?!?!  Funny!  My mom works for State Farm and has had some very interesting stories to tell recently.  She called me frantic yesterday b/c people were threatening to sue State Farm or call the commissioner b/c they were not eligible to receive the $2500 storm assistance that State Farm gave during Katrina.  Of course, now there are all sorts of new rules and stipulations and people are furious.  I wouldn't want to be you guys for anything right now!
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