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Twitter and Facebook

Do you guys use both or just one?  Do you use Facebook fan pages to look up companies you like?

Re: Twitter and Facebook

  • I use both.  I was first addicted to Facebook, now I am more addicted to Twitter.  I do not use the fan pages in Facebook. 
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  • I like following people on Twitter but I don't do updates.  I just do Facebook really.
  • I use both.

    I hate the fan pages on Facebook, but I got bored recently and "friended" a few.  Embarrassed

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  • i use both and have them connected so that my twitter sends updates to my facebook account. i'm not a fan of that many companies though.
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  • I use both...but I use Facebook a lot more to post updates.  I follow a lot of people on Twitter and check it pretty often via my BB to keep up to date on what they are saying.  I also tend to "become a fan" of a lot of things on FB on the spur of the moment, and then once in a while I go through and get rid of the ones that I don't need, such "flipping the pillow over to get to the cool side" and other silly ones like that.  I do keep up with some authors I like, as well as TV shows, and I follow some companies that way.
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  • I have both but I only use FB.  I don;'t care for Twitter but random ppl keep following me.  I've logged on twice.


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  • I love both. I feel more free on Twitter than Facebook because my family all knows my Facebook, but my Twitter is for friends/internet friends only. 

    I do like some of the pages on Facebook. 

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  • Thanks to everyone for their replies!  For anyone who does add fan pages.  If your interested we have a Tombstone Pizza Facebook fan page.  It is updated regularly and has cool tidbits there.  Here is the link:



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