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Re: Fake or Real?

  • As I discussed with Lori, my tree is fake. I always grew up with a fake tree and loved not having the hassle. Dh always had a real tree, but once it was up to us to solely take care of it, he opted for the fake too.


    Since the tree is fake, we got a white one LOL. As Dh said, "If we're going to have a green tree, it's going to be real!" Anyway, I love our tree and can't wait to fill it with more personal ornaments.

  • Real!

    Growing up, M always had real trees. For me it was 50/50. For the first few Christmas' I can remember we had a real tree. Then about the last 10 years (I think) my parent's had a fake tree. I always hated it, but now I kinda miss being able to put it up right away and not worry about it drying out! This is M's and my 2nd year with a real tree.

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  • All of the trees I have are fake.  I have had one real tree in my life and I hated it.  I was always told horror stories of real trees catching on fire and it freaked me out so much as a kid.  Because of that, I have always opted for fake ones. 


  • We get real ones, but not big ones.  We go up the street to the tree vendor who sells them and we go through the small Charlie Brown looking ones and give one a home.  We have done this for the last 2 years.  The first year we went, we had gone to get our tree really late so there weren't any good ones left, the guy said "Would you like to check out our homeless special trees and maybe give one a home?" and we said "Sure", when we saw "it" we knew it was "the tree" so now we've decided every year we would go into the "Special Tree" section and give a small, homely looking tree a home for the holidays.
  • DH loves real trees, I love fake trees.  When I was little it was my "chore" to keep the tree area clean and I used to get stuck with pine needles for the month of Christmas time.  Plus they are a PITA to keep alive and shed all over my nice clean living room.  And the dogs think that since they smell like outside, they ARE outside.  Fake all the way!
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  • Mom always had to have the biggest, fattest tree ever! When I moved, I tried a real one. Once. THAT was enough.  I just want my fake tree to be a bit taller-like 7' vs. 4'... Not too too much to ask, is it?

    Yeah, I, too, hate the upkeep-vac'ing and watering.  I do miss the smell, but hope to get a real wreath for the door.  Eh, candles work, too, I suppose.

  • DH and I have done real....

    When I was little we had Real until my brother was born...each year around xmas he would seriously almost die...and my mom couldnt put two and two together....then finally took him to a doctor and DUH he is deathly allergic to christmas it was fake from there on out.

    I wanted to get a nice fake one. DH says maybe next year... I think fake is the best way to go $$ wise...because about 3-4 years of buying real would pay off a fake one. And fake you can use for years to come.

    PLUS we have 3 cats, who are indoor cats, and whenever we bring an xmas tree in, they go batty and try to live in the fecker

  • We don't actually have it yet, but we will be getting a real one this year.  For the last three years we've had a three foot fake tree and I've HATED it. I grew up with real trees and I have fought for one but DH didn't want to deal with a real tree in an apartment. Now that we're in the house I'll have my real tree!
  • We have a fake one because I got up and went to Wal-Mart on Black Friday last year and bought our 6ft fake pre-lit tree for $25. So I'm sure we will be useing this one for years to come.
  • Always real! I went along with my dad to pick one out & chop down every year until I was like 16. Always a normal shaped one - no big fat bush looking trees (my brother gets those blech). My mom just got a fake one last year and it makes me sad, but they're getting older now, it's hard to get under the tree to water it/clean up needles. DH never had a real one until our senior year of college when I chopped a 7 footer by myself, dragged it about 100 yards through the snow, and shoved it in my car for our apartment! He & GM carried it up 3 flights of stairs! He loves them now, MIL has had the same 2 fake ones forever and they're just the ugliest, most unrealistic trees! She carries them to and from the attic fully decorated LOL! What is the fun in that?!
  • Now - fake

    Growing up - 50/50 real vs. fake

    I love the smell of real trees, and the look of them, but they're such a PITA. Plus, I was allergic to them when I was little and still get stuffy when around them if they're in my own house. DH and I don't have a ton of room in our condo, so fake works for us. DH never celebrated Christmas growing up (he was raised Jewish), so I don't even want to burden him with setting up a real one haha! Plus, having dogs my whole life, my mom was always freaking out about if the dog ate any needles. I know fake ones can shed too, but I don't want to worry about that when DH and I end up getting a dog.  Plus, it's cheaper than buying a new real one every year Cool

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  • Fake- I have pretty significant allergies, so my mom tried real once when we were little and said we were all miserable and she would NEVER do it again.  So we've always had fakes. 
    DH grew up with fake and real, but wanted real.  I quickly shut that down.  His parents a got a fake one this year, but may opt for a real one from time to time I think.  They think b/c I didn't get deathly ill from their tree last year, that my allergies "aren't that bad."  I remember sleeping a lot and taking every medication I had at my disposal, which might not always be an option with getting pregnant/nursing, etc.
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  • Fake!  I'm all about our pre-lit tree that you put together and plug into the wall.  I grew up having a fake tree, so I don't even know how to go about taking care of a real one.
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  • Real- I've never had a fake one (at least not that I can remember). I associate the smell of a real one with Christmas and happy memories (and so does DH) so I don't think we'll ever have a fake tree...unless any future kids end up being allergic.
  • Real, real, all the way real.

    I love the smell of real Christmas trees. Especially if we can find a concolor. It smells like citrus and pine together - which smells like Christmas to me.

  • I am so torn.  We probably wont have either this year to save $$.  Maybe a wreath because I love the smell of real pine.

    I'm going to sound like a green goon, but:  

    I hate the idea of chopping down a beautiful tree just to let it die in my living room.  I also hate the idea of filling landfills with crappy plastic trees.

    I think eventually we'll go plastic.

  • I love real trees, just the smell is AMAZING!  I know the clean up is horrible so I have decided on just a small tree (3-4 feet tall) to cut down on the amount of needles.
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  • Right now ours is fake because DH wanted to put his trains around the bottom and the real ones drop too many needles.

    When I was little my parents always had a fake tree until we moved to our new house.  They wanted to get a real tree in the new house and apparently I threw a fit about them chopping down a tree (I was 7 so I don't really remember).  My mom and dad made a compromise and got a real tree with a bulb you can plant.  Every year for 15 years my dad did this and them planted it in our yard.  Eventually they quit and bought a fake tree but it's pretty cool to look out into their back yard and see 15 years of Christmas trees around the perimeter of the house!

    Amelia Marie
  • Growing up we did an annual trip to a Christmas Tree farm where we would cut down our own tree.  It was in Sebastapol, CA where there are also a lot of apple orchards, so afterwards we would go to an apple orchard where they had hay rides, hot apple cider, basic super cute Christmas stuff.  Great memories, however, now that I am in charge of taking care of the tree, we have a fake one.  Aside from the mess, I am terrified of house fires (I also have battery operated candles...) so this is the only way I will keep a tree that I will turn the lights on for more than a week.
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