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Holy Hormones

I just lashed out on the kiddos and feel terrible! I rarely raise my voice at the kids and there was just no holding it back today--they were being so disrespectful. Between the crazy hormones and their disrespectfulness I just let it go. UGH! I'm hiding in my office until I calm down. :-( Let's hope this doesn't continue for the next 3 weeks.
Neena Mae. 1/7/10
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Re: Holy Hormones

  • Sounds like you are super patient normally, so it's OK to have a moment.

    P.S. ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS? Insane, Jenn. I remember your BFP very vividly. :) 

  • I agree it sounds like you're a super patient person so a few outbursts will not hurt anyone. 

    Good luck with it...disrespectful kids can be realllllly hard to deal with.

  • Even Randy Sprick approves "emotional reaction" as a classroom consequence when used infrequently.  :)  Don't worry about it.
  • Kids can be evil terrors.  I'm sure the raised voice was called for.
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