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baby name opinions please

(I am not pregnant, just thinking ahead!)

When you hear Duncan what is the first thing you think of? DH is worried if we used this name on a hypothetical future son he would be called Donuts and somehow that merged into no-nuts donuts.

Declan? Any thoughts? What about Ellison/Ellis?

Isla? Do you really think people will never pronounce it correctly?


And finally, Hedley? It is a family name (for a girl) but I don't know how cheesy it would be to have a daughter named Hedly, a son named Finlay and a dh named Lee. Except we call ds Finn, so maybe that makes a difference?

Again, all hypothetical, and given my preponderance to always change my mind I could have all new names in an hour :)

DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011


Re: baby name opinions please

  • Duncan reminds me of the bad guy from Last of the Mohicans, but I didn't think donuts. I can see what Lee means though!

    I like Isla a lot! I don't think it's toooo complicated to pronounce, and sadly people have mispronounced MY name, so it's impossible to avoid that entirely.

    I really like Elspeth as well.

    Hedley is adorable! I love that's a family name.

  • I agree that people mispronounce everything! I have lived with it my whole life :) If we did Elspeth we would call her Elsie, but she could go by Elspeth when she is older.

    I love Hedley too, I never even thought about it until last night when DH mentioned it.

    Now we just have to decide when is the right time to think about another one! I am certain it will be a boy so the girls names are a moot point!

    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • My first thought with Duncan was Monarch of the Glen, then Donuts. I like it. Not enough for our list, but it's cool.

    Declan always reminds me of Elvis Costello. Not to my taste, esp without Irish roots. But it's not a bad name (just neutral in my mind, if htat makes sense) and it'd go really well with Finn.

    I don't like Ellison, but Ellis is ok. But just okay, IMO. (Sorry!) I much prefer Elliot for some reason.

    I love Isla, but in the US, would the pronunciation be a pain? It wouldn't put me off, but I do think everyone would say iz-la first. :(

    Hmmm. Hedley is a bit too 'samey' for me. But I only thought of it once you reminded us that Finn is Finlay. Again, I wouldn't do it unless you love that name far and above all others.

    Thanks for giving me something to do while I stir my white sauce! :)

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Don't apologize Welshgirl! I am asking for opinions on names for a baby that doesn't exist, so no need to be sorry if you don't like them :)
    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • image andrea922:

    I agree that people mispronounce everything! I have lived with it my whole life :) If we did Elspeth we would call her Elsie, but she could go by Elspeth when she is older.

    Now we just have to decide when is the right time to think about another one! I am certain it will be a boy so the girls names are a moot point!

    I totally forgot - I love Elspeth (and Elsie)! :)

    When are you thinking of ttc again? We go back and forth (it was now, and then May/June)....

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Who knows! It was January but now I am wanting to wait till Spring. I am not ready for sleepless nights again!
    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • All the names are fine. Duncan didn't make me think of Donuts (but I get the reference). It makes me think of an old popular Australian song:


    I'd love to have a beer with Duncan,

    I'd love to have a beer with Dunc'

    We drink in moderation

    And we never ever ever get rolling drunk.

    We drink in the the town and the country

    Where the atmosphere is great

    I love to have a beer with Duncan,

    'Cause Duncan's my mate!


    So, yeah - I love the name :)

  • The first think I think of with Duncan is Duncan Hines.  

    I have a friend/ old housemate named Declan, called Dec.  I like him and associate the name with him, so I like it, if that makes sense.  

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  • image andrea922:
    Who knows! It was January but now I am wanting to wait till Spring. I am not ready for sleepless nights again!

    That's just about exactly where we are.

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • I prefer Declan over Duncan, but that's more because the Duncan I knew was a complete and utter dork in every single way.  But Declan sounds cool.

    I like Isla, and don't think it matters about having the name mispronounced...I survived it and it gives me a story in my old age.  Elspeth is a gorgeous old fashioned name which I think ought to be used more.  Hedley reminds me of a bird...I think it was a bird name in a story I read as a kid so I'm not as into it.

  • Duncan makes me think of a New England blue blood.  It's not a bad name and it doesn't make me think of the donut chain. I love Declan.

    I must confess that I am not 100% sure how to pronounce Isla.  I think I do, but I'm not sure.

    I think Hedley is cute.  I don't think it's overly "lee" since Finn goes by Finn.  I doubt casual acquaintances would even notice.   

  • You can find a way to screw up any name so you go with what you like, not what other people think of it.

    Edit: Unless it is something like *** or penis or vulva.  Those i draw the line at.

  • Duncan makes me think of Duncan Hines. Declan is so so in my book, but I really like your other choices!
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  • I thought there was going to be an announcement! 

    Declan? Any thoughts?

    I really like Declan.

    What about Ellison/Ellis?

    I don't like either of these...not really sure why?

    Isla? Do you really think people will never pronounce it correctly?

    It's Eye La, Katie.  I really like this name but fear it would forever be butchered since Spanish is so widely spoken in the US.  Then again, you only have to tell people once how to say it and they won't make the mistake twice.


    I think this is quite lovely.

    And finally, Hedley?

    This reminds me of an owl??  I don't know why?  I don't like it though, it sounds made up, even though I'm sure it's not.

    Oops, I forgot about Duncan.  I don't think Donuts at all, I think Duncan James.  It's okay, I think Declan is much nicer.

  • Duncan -- not bad, but not a name I would give a child, very Shakespearean.

    Declan -- first thought?  MacManus, as in Elvis Costello, but it's not a bad name.

    Ellison/Ellis -- never heard of Ellison until an attorney in my office used Ellison as the name for his newly adopted baby girl, so in my mind they are girls names.  I knew a Katie Ellis in college.

    Ilsa -- I like it.  It sounds exotic without being too unfamiliar.

    Elspeth -- I read Elspeth Huxley's The Flame Trees of Thika as my senior thesis book in high school.  Elspeth was a beautiful name then and still is.

    Hedley -- I don't like to comment on family names, in my experience those discussions never end well.

    ***Note of warning -- my mother and friends think I have terrible taste in names as I want to name my daughter Letitia Celestine, so you may want to completely ignore my opinion. 

    I don't mind being held to a higher standard; I mind being held to a lower one. (Sam Seaborn, The West Wing)
  • My brother's best friend's name is Duncan, and as far as I know no one has ever called him donut or commented on his nuts. I think you can twist up any name enough if you think about it long enough. And I grew up with a last name that is quite close to a sex item. There was teasing, but none of us were particularly traumatized. 

    I also think Declan is very cute. Hedley reminds me of Blazing Saddles, very funny bit :) I like Elspeth too, it sounds like a very pretty take on Elizabeth. 

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  • When I hear Duncan I think of Dunkin Donuts... so I can see Lee's point. I don't know that it would stop me from using it. Especially since I thought Dunkin's wasn't terribly popular in the South. My friend who went to Duke said the thing she missed the most was Dunkin's...

    Declan is just ok for me... It just reminds me of Ant and Dec. Nothing sinister there.

    Ellison/Ellis is nice but not really my style. But I don't see anything wrong with it or any potential for a bad nickname. 

    Elspeth is really not my style. I think I'd just be tempted to say Elizabeth all the time. And I would expect everyone to get that wrong and just say Elizabeth as well.

    Hedley is nice but I do sort of agree with the whole Finlay and Lee and Hedley being a bit much.


  • Duncan makes me think of Duncan Hines...and I immediately got the song "Barely Breathing" by Duncan Sheik in my head. 

    I love Declan.  I would use it myself but I'm not Irish and it would go horrible with my last name.

    I like Ellis more than Ellison.  

    I really like Isla.  I just recently figured out how to pronounce it, and I think a lot of people will have a hard time pronouncing it.

    I have never heard of Elspeth but I think I kind of like it.

    I'm not a big fan of Hedley.

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback! Sometimes it is easy to think a name sounds great (or just eh) when you say it but when others hear it they hear something totally different!

    And thanks for not blasting a name, even if you didn't like it...hence why this is on here and not the baby name board :)

    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • Duncan: Eh, I can take it or leave it.  It's nms.  But, it reminds me of the old guy who owned the toy store in the movie Home Alone 2

    Declan:  I like this name!

    Isla: LURVE this girl name!

    Elspeth:  I keep saying it to myself but I don't know how I feel about it.  I don't hate it though.  

    Hedley:  I think of the name Hedwig from Harry Potter

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  • Don't like Duncan but that's just because it reminds me of a terrible person from my past. 

    Isla is our girl name so I love it.  We're going Isla Rose (not pg yet either but planning ahead).

    Not sure on my feelings on Hedley.  I think it could be cute.

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  • Duncan - love it, it is DD's best frie'nd's name and he is such an adorable little boy!

    Love Isla too, can't comment on the pronounciation in the US as I am not a native English speaker...

    I've never heard of Hedley but it sounds pretty.

    No idea why but I think of an old lady when I hear Elspeth...

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  • LOL at the no nuts.  God I'm immature.  My thoughts:

    Duncan: Love.  It's classic and pronounce-able.  I am a sucker for an old man name on a baby.

    Declan: I've never heard this before.  I can't pronounce it.  De-clan?  Deck-lan?  Ergo, not my style.  Is it British?

    Ellison: Way too girly for a boy.

    Ellis: See Duncan.  Classy, too.

    Isla: NMS and I could totally see this name taking off in popularity (which is a downer for me).

    Hedley: To me it sounds like one of those random, made up names like Kealyn or Jaedyn.  But, being a family name, it is indeed pretty.

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