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How did the family take the news?  Or did I miss this?

Re: hamilton**

  • Oh yes - the big secret is no more?? Tell us how it went!! :)
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • They were very excited - it was the main topic of conversation I think once we got the news out! It took ages, though. Normally when we sit down to dinner my mom says a prayer and then we go around and say what we're each thankful for. But my mom said a few things we would all have been thankful for and then everyone started eating so we didn't know what to do... Once we were all just sitting around after dinner Graeme went over to Bruce who was playing in the next room (my parents house is sort of open plan so he was within earshot) and whispered for him to go kiss my belly... they all figured it out when Bruce came up and asked to kiss my belly and I asked him why he would do that. It was cute. I do think my oldest sister was a bit miffed at first - I forget who but someone heard her saying to her 8 month old "Well, it was a short lived babyhood Finn, huh?" which we knew she'd probably do but Bruce was the same age when she announced she was pregnant so I don't really feel badly about it! She'll come around.
  • Your family is much more clued in than mine. If W went up to kiss my belly they'd htink nothing of it, just that he was being cuddly or something. I'm glad they're so pleased - except for your sister (that's a bit mean, surely?)... but still, I'm glad it went so well! :)
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Well my sister is pleased definitely but she has a disorder and has suffered from depression in the past and they definitely are a big factor in stuff like this for her - she definitely has trouble when people (especially one of her sisters) overshadow her on family stuff when she thinks its "her turn" to be the one in the spotlight... but she's still pleased its just hard for her to separate the two I think.
  • glad to hear how excited everyone is, including your mom.  What a great story.
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