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On the way home tonight, in the dark, the car in front of me slammed on the breaks for a pedestrian (who was wearing dark clothes by the way) and when i did the same I managed to slide into the car thanks to the wet road.  Why Me?  UGH!!!

Anyway, as far as we could tell there was no real damage to either car and she was nice about it and said she had no plans to talk to her insurance since there appeared to be no damage (and I didn't hit her very hard).  It wasn't until I got home and really looked at my car that I realized my front license plate and license plate holder are now missing.  Crap!  No idea other than on the side of the road somewhere as to where it might be. 

Can anyone verify for me that in WA your front plate is no longer required?  Also, anyone know how to get a replacement plate (I only ask because I know my dad will notice and I'd like to avoid that whole situation/conversation if possible)?

Oh, and let's all hope that all is good and that this is the end of it all.  Yuck!  I hate, hate, hate things like this!  And I was already having a bad week and horrible day. . . .

Re: *%!#

  • You need both rear and front plates.


    RCW 46.16.240

    Attachment of plates to vehicles ? Violations enumerated.

    The vehicle license number plates shall be attached conspicuously at the front and rear of each vehicle for which the same are issued and in such a manner that they can be plainly seen and read at all times. However, if only one license number plate is legally issued for any vehicle such plate shall be conspicuously attached to the rear of such vehicle. Each vehicle license number plate shall be placed or hung in a horizontal position at a distance of not more than four feet from the ground and shall be kept clean so as to be plainly seen and read at all times. In cases where the body construction of the vehicle is such that compliance with this section is impossible, permission to deviate therefrom may be granted by the state patrol. It shall be unlawful to display upon the front or rear of any vehicle, vehicle license number plate or plates other than those furnished by the director for such vehicle or to display upon any vehicle any vehicle license number plate or plates which have been in any manner changed, altered, disfigured or have become illegible. License plate frames may be used on vehicle license number plates only if the frames do not obscure license tabs or identifying letters or numbers on the plates and the plates can be plainly seen and read at all times. It is unlawful to use any holders, frames, or any materials that in any manner change, alter, or make the vehicle license number plates illegible. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any vehicle unless there shall be displayed thereon valid vehicle license number plates attached as herein provided.

    [2006 c 326 ? 1. Prior: 1987 c 330 ? 704; 1987 c 142 ? 3; 1969 ex.s. c 170 ? 10; 1967 c 32 ? 18; 1961 c 12 ? 46.16.240; prior: 1947 c 89 ? 1; 1937 c 188 ? 36; Rem. Supp. 1947 ? 6312-36.]


    Rules of court:  Monetary penalty schedule -- IRLJ 6.2.

         Construction -- Application of rules -- Severability -- 1987 c 330: See notes following RCW 28B.12.050.

    Illumination of plate: RCW 46.37.050.

  • Car accident = big fat bummer.  I was going to suggest that you swing by on your way to work to check, but if you didn't notice it at the scene, does that mean it fell off later?  Anyway, good luck.
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  • Darn it!  I thought that had changed but I guess not.  Maybe I was thinking about not needing tabs on the front plate anymore. . .that must have been it.
  • Google "replacement license plate washington" and the first listing takes you to the page explaining how to replace them.
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    Best sound ever: baby's heartbeat! (Heard @ 10w1d)
  • image CDMay2006:
    Car accident = big fat bummer.  I was going to suggest that you swing by on your way to work to check, but if you didn't notice it at the scene, does that mean it fell off later?  Anyway, good luck.

    Yeah, it might have been at the scene and I was just too freaked out to notice, so I plan to drive to work that way tomorrow (different than how I usually go) to see if I can track it down. . .that'll be fun at 6 something am.  Oh, well.

  • Well, you might get a phone call!  People turn in plates all the time.  Definitely are required on front and back in this state, and I'd swing by just to find my old plate because I'd hate for someone else to have it. 

    Sorry about your accident!  I'm glad there's no damage, just make sure you did get her contact info just in case she does claim a later injury..or at least her plate number.

    Yes, I'm paranoid.  Sorry. 

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  • Oh no Sad  I'm so sorry!!!!!  

    I have no advice, but if you need anything, don't hesitate to let me know!! 

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  • EEK! How scary! I'm a little freaked out about car accidents so that would have had me a mess all night. Just be glad that's all that happened!
  • So sorry to hear that!! Those things are never fun, and you have my sympathy. I hope you at least exchanged information with the other driver, just in case... And yes, you do need your front plate, it's just that it doesn't need tabs anymore. I think you can go to the DoL and get a new plate, but you may have to change your plates totally. I hope this works out for you!
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  • ugh! that sucks! glad you weren't hurt!
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