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Mike and I are considering getting a viszla puppy. It probably won't be until sometime next year when we have a little more time to devote to training a young pup, but sooner rather than later. Can you tell me a little about yours? What's he like?


Re: **MsWildCat**

  • Oh gosh we love them! We actually have a girl (Ritz) and she is wonderful. Their personality is like a lab: they are the most loving dogs ever. But, they do have a ton of energy so they need regular exercise or i've heard they get destructive (ritz though has never chewed anything at our house).  They truly adore their owners and will follow you around wherever you go. Shedding is minimal and there is no maintenance or grooming.

    They are very very smart dogs and catch on to learning quickly, so we've had no problems getting her trained and she tends to listen. Our friends love her so much that one has gotten a vizsla and another is on a wait list. 

     We would definitely be vizsla owners only now.

  • Thanks! We've always heard great things about vizslas and we were torn about whether to get a vizsla or a lab for our first dog... then we met Chazzy and fell head over heels in love with him! Once Chaz gets to be about a year old we want to get him a little sister, and we really want to get a vizsla this time. We don't know anyone that has a vizsla though that can give us a first hand account, so I appreciate the input!
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