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RP: Treatment for pinched nerve

I just posted this on H&F but also wanted to post here since this can be sports-related.  (Unfortunately I've been told not to exercise for at least a few weeks  =( 

The past two months I've been having pain in my lower right abdomen which would come & go sporadically - sometimes bad, sometimes faint.  It's been horrible going to Dr's trying to diagnose this:  I had ultrasounds, a CT scan - they ruled out that there was nothing wrong - no cyst, no tumor, etc.  The pain started about 4 days after I did some really heavy lifting moving my mom - so yesterday my Dr said he thinks it could be a pinched nerve.  I went to the chiropractor yesterday & she started doing treatment for this & did Xrays - my back is definitely a little messed up - & the areas where my spine is shifted can cause abdominal pain.

Has anyone else had a pinched nerve before & how were you treated; how long did it last?  It's kind of weird to me how back pain is leading to a pinched nerve in my lower abdomen - but I guess it's possible!

Re: RP: Treatment for pinched nerve

  • I had something similar happen to me last October to my neck/back playing soccer, it was awful I couldn't lift my head off my pillow, I ended up having xrays that showed my spine had shifted as well

    The chiropractor worked great, she adjusted me about 5-6 times over about a 2 week period and she did the stem treatment with ice. She just told me to ice and rest - that was all I could do, and no sports, or working out. It took about 3 weeks to get it worked out

    I know how ya feel it sucks but it will get better soon!

  • It's just been super frustrating - I've already had this pain for 2 months, I wonder how much longer it will take until it goes away...  =(
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