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So how was your evening? What are your plans for the weekend?

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Re: TGIF!!

  • Yay for Friday! 

    Last night was fun.  I had Bunco here and after I raced to get everything done, I was able to have fun and actually won some money!  Yay!

    Today is just work then tonight it's just Sarah and me again.  C has an all day meeting in LA for a project so who knows when he'll be home.  After work we're running to Target which is always fun!

    Tomorrow we might meet some friends at Disney - they're down for the weekend visiting family.  If we don't go to Disney then we're going to Cabazon to pick up some Christmas presents with the Coach outlet coupon.  Tomorrow night we have an engagement party to go to.

    Oh yeah...we're also buying 2 new toilets this weekend...yeah, I know you're all jealous of THAT excitement!  biggrin

    Hope everyone has a great day and weekend
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  • Happy friday!

    Last night was nice. H was home early and L took a late nap so I was able to make dinner (hamburger stroganoff, yummy!) in peace for once.

    I am getting a mani-pedi after work and am SOO excited! it's been far too long. Tonight we are taking H's grandma to dinner.

  • Last night was New Moon!

    I went home after work and took a two hour nap. Headed over to the theatre at 9. We ran into some of my friends old students who were at the very front of the line for our showing. They begged us to stand in line with them. So we stood in line with about ten 8th graders. They were hilarious and made the time go by very quickly! They got there at 2:30. Crazy!

    Movie was awesome! It was so worth it. I got home at 2:30 and into bed at 3:00 and then woke up at 5:00 for work! I am running on fumes just about right now.

    Tonight: dh gets home from his guys trip. We will just hang out. Tomorrow he leaves for AZ. :(  Kristy and I will be going to Oak Glen. No other plans for the weekend. I am determined though to finish the 5th Outlander book!

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  • Last night was nice the H and I went and attempted to use the tennis courts by our house,  I really stink, we lasted about 20 minutes. I made turkey meatloaf for dinner, yummy!

    Tonight, as every Friday since the move, we will make a Trader Joe's pizza and do some beer tasting. The H is trying to develop my taste towards his. I never thought I would like IPA but now I do! Tomorrow the pups are getting groomed and we will start our xmas shopping.  Sunday is up in the air, H has to work so I may catch up on reading, housework and go for a nice, long run.

  • Last night I went to dinner with a coworker.  After dinner we went back to my house and opened a bottle of wine and chatted for a few hours.

    Tonight I'm just going to hang out at home and wait for DH to get home.

    Tomorrow I have to go get the oil changed DH's truck, then we have to go to our old house, hopefully this will be the last time and we can get everything over to the new house. 

    Sunday I'm not sure what we are doing.  I have laundry to do and probably some grocery shopping.

  • Happy, Happy Friday!

    Robyn - sounds like you had fun at the midnight show! I can't wait till I go see the movie!!

    Last night, the kiddo decided to stay up till 11:30pm! It's almost like he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to sneak out to the midnight showing - hehe!

    The baby was super clingy too...I hope he's not getting sick again =(

    Today, we take the kiddo for his flu shot - -fun. ?And hopefully afterwards, we'll go to Victoria gardens for some Beard Papas! yum!

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