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Anyone Have Kaiser?

We're thinking of switching would save us about $300 a month.  How do you like it?  Is it easy to use?  Do you have an easy time with getting appointments for the kiddo?  How easy/hard is it to get vax?  How do YOU like it for yourself?  

I had Kaiser up in the Bay Area and LOVED it but when I moved down here, it's run a bit differently and I had a hard time with it but then I switched to Chris' insurance (Aetna PPO) so I didn't worry too much about it.


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Re: Anyone Have Kaiser?

  • I had it for about a year and half. There were pros and cons. My experience was ok. I loved how Urgent care was right next to the hospital and when I had kidney stones and had to do a testing, I didn't have to drive anywhere. So conveniant!

    Here is the bad:

    I had trouble passing my kidney stones and they scheduled a minor surgery. When I went in for a pre-op appt a week prior and I still had them. They told me that when I came back for the surgery they would do xrays just to make sure the kidney stones were still there. The pain was off and on as it only hurt when the stones moved.

    Well turns out they never did the xrays. They went in and found nothing as I had already passed them! I thought they were going to take me to do the xrays and next thing I knew I was waking up. I had an unnecessary procedure that left me off work for a week and in a lot of pain.

    Yes, there were things I should have done like brought up the xrays again that morning, but I didn't even think about it. I just figured they would do it as we had discussed it the week prior. I was young and not used to being in charge of my own care.

    Since then, I have realized you need to be very proactive about the care you get and ask lots of questions. You have to be assertive! I can't say that this experience would not have happened somewhere else as it probably could have easily have happened anywhere.

    That being said I have heard of people loving Kaiser and others who hate it.

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  • I was born at Kaiser and had it throughout my childhood (also in the Bay Area, wierd). I love it I think it is like shopping at Target, a one stop shop. It is so easy to use and if you dont mind not always seeing "your" doctor, appointments can be made easily and quickly. I was on Aetna for a bit I had such a hard time even locating a doctor that would take my insurance, it felt like a nightmare. Kaiser has all your medical records online and you can even email your doctor and they do actually respond. I recently have been having some trouble with my cycle and had to see the gyn a few times ad they took some tests and all the results were sent to my message center. I even emailed to have my prescription written by the dr. I think it is great.
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