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Holy Crap!

I am 30 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!

Re: Holy Crap!

  • image AjM23:
    I am 30 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!


    And it seems like you're about 52 weeks pregnant since we knew so early :oP Come on baby Andrew! Be right on time!

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  • Wow!  Can't wait to see the little guy!

    It seems like in the beginning of pregnancy, time goes by soooo sloowww.  You think, I feel crappy, I'm bloated, and now my clothes don't fit. You can't wait to get a little bit of belly so that you look pregnant.  And then out of nowhere, time starts to fly and you are 3/4 of the way there.

    Just wait until he comes!  I felt like time went in slow motion for a few days and I was just taking it all in.  You can spend hours on end just staring at your little one and then all of a sudden they are weeks and then months old.  I was rocking Emma earlier, not because she needed me to, but because I needed to.  When I am at work, I enjoy a little bit of a break.  Then when I pick her up I realize how much I missed her all day long and just want to snuggle her all night long.  Especially now that the colicky baby has mostly gone.

    Enjoy the last 10 weeks!!!

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  • Yay!  I think it's time for some more belly pics. Smile
  • I'm with you! I"m 35 weeks tomorrow! Seems like time has flown by!!!
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