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Sex at Night v. Morning

Anyone have a night or morning preference for sex?

I really do not enjoy night sex.  Now, we're new at the whole sex thing, but I have little to no libido when we get in bed.  The morning is a totally different story. 

Thoughts on how to increase libido at night?  We don't have a lot of mornings free for sex (I get up for work at 5:30 AM).




Re: Sex at Night v. Morning

  • I find I'm more in the mood in the morning, whereas my husband is at night. Usually I end up initiating on the weekends (since we're still in bed together in the morning, and I'm up for it), and he'll initiate during the week at night. When one of us initiates, knowing the other is not 100% up for it, we both kind of figured out to be a little more agressive than normal. Like, instead of sweet foreplay, or discussing it (which only serves to turn me off when I'm sleepy), he doesn't ask, he just DOES.  He'll just roll me over, and take my pants off and start kissing me all over. The agressiveness is hot. That generally does the trick for me, and vice versa. No matter how tired I am, it's totally worth missing a little sleep to spend that extra intimate time with my husband. I usually sleep better after anyways.
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  • Probably nights for my DH and I, but normally it doesnt matter the time of day...

    I would say to drink some wine...ALWAYS works :)


  • I am all about afternoon sex. I am NOT a morning person, and I don't like to deal with people in the morning, and at night when I go to bed, I'm tired. So I vote afternoon sex!
  • I prefer afternoon or evening sex, my DH likes the morning best.
  • I'm more of a night person...I'm too tired in the morning.

    Our post 'popular time' though is about an hour after dinner, we're relaxed but not yet tired :)

  • I'm a happy hour (5-8pm) girl. I also do not mind night but morning is not really my thing....especially since our breaths stink like a cat took a sh*t in it, hehehe! BRUSH the teeth then maybe I will think about it, hehe!
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  • I'm not big on the right before bed sex either.  However, before or after dinner is great!  (Or just go to bed earlier... :)
  • I'm friskier in the mornings (only weekends), but I think my DH is gross looking (eye crust, mouth crust, bad breath,ect!) in the morning and that always kills it for me! LOL.  When I go to bed at night, I'm ready for sleep, not hokey pokey. I'd say afternoon is always nice.
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  • I vote morning!!  But there is always something to be said about a little afternoon delight!


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  • I like it best in the morning when I'm fully rested. For me, trick to doing it at night is not waiting until you're tired & ready to sleep.
  • I like either, but usually it happens at night since DH and I don't always get mornings together.

    What DH and I do is make sure that we head up to bed about an hour earlier than when we usually go to sleep.  We will watch TV or whatever, but if one of us is in the mood we just make a move.  That way you're not exhausted and ready to sleep.  Plus, IMO the more sex you're having, the more you want it.

  • My husband is always up for it in the morning, and I'm willing to miss my train every once in a while.

    I like nights most of the time.

  • I really prefer it in the afternoon, but unfortunately, we are rarely both home at that time.  We usually do it at night, since we have to be at work at different times in the morning.

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  • morning!!!!! about 0 am i am always ready..... too bad i am usuaully at work.
  • morning!!!!! about 10 am i am always ready..... too bad i am usuaully at work.
  • I prefer mornings, but DH likes it anytime. If I wait until night to have sex I'm way too tired and just want to go to sleep.
  • for me, it is whenever DH gets out of the shower, because I know he is clean, and smelling all nice! yum!

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  • I prefer afternoons when we have time, but it doesn't really matter overall what time of day it is. 
  • unfortunetly both of us have some pretty kicking morning breath, so unless its right after brushing teeth...morning sex is out. 

    We have a 13 year old and a 5 month old, so really....any time we GET to have sex...we take.

  • I'm not really a morning sex kind of person, I'm way too tired.  But, if my kids sleep in and I have the opportunity, I'll make it work.  I'm really more of an afternoon person, but that is hard with kids that don't nap, but still need supervision.  Evenings only work if they're early evening.  I can't wait until an hour before I go to bed or until I get into bed.  I'm just too tired by then.
  • DH works nights so mornings are usually good. He comes home and wakes me up that way most mornings.

     But we aren't too picky about time of day. Just whatever we have time for that day. Sometimes a quicky before he leaves its good too.

  • I always seem to want it most during the afternoon or early evening when we get home from work. Sometimes I feel too tired if we wait until we go to bed. DH wants it anytime I do :)
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  • Night is usually better for me unless we are le tired.

    Morning is fun but has its disadvantages...namely, morning breath and having to pee.

  • Mid-morning through early evening, is best for me; then I'm not hungry and have energy.

    I'm usually Very hungry in the morning and sex is the last thing on my mind. At night he tries to do it right before bed when I just want to cuddle and fall asleep. 

  • Morning...
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  • NIGHT! I am not a morning person. I awake around 7 or 8am and my hubby gets up at 5:30am. The evening is our time to work, have dinner and talk about our days so at night, we can let loose and get it on! Big Smile

    We've never been able to have amazing sex in the AM or afternoon for some reason. Strange huh?!

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  • Whenever I can nap after it.  I especially like Sunday afternoons because we always take a cat nap when we're done!
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