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Can you remind me what to pack in my hospital bag

Re: Can you remind me what to pack in my hospital bag

  • I didn't end up using a lot of what I packed...but I think it was just preference...


    water bottles


    baby book for footprints ( I didn't have one at the time so we didn't do this and I am a little sad about it)

    hair dryer,toiletries

    I packed pajamas...I know people say they would rather wear the johnny because they didn't want to ruin their clothes, but I felt like a person again the morning after I delivered and was able to take a shower and put on real people clothes Smile

    coming home outfit

    burp cloths

    mittens so she doesn't scratch her face

    I will keep thinking.....


    Mommy to Indiana Italia 3.26.07 and Reid Thomas 1.25.10


  • Extra batteries/charger for camera

    Cell phones/chargers

    $$ for vending machines (DH) or

    Snacks/drinks (for DH)

    Address/phone book (in case you don't know everyone's #)

    Definitely don't forget that Chapstick Meredith mentioned...GODSEND!

    Clothes for you to come home in

    Socks/slippers to wear at hospital


    You mean we're that close that we're talking hospital bags Bridget? ?Man, time flew. ??

    Pam - Mom to Tyler David 10/23/94, Tristan Hal 3/11/06, Melinda Rose 7/22/07 image image image image image
  • Thanks girls, Yes Ms Pam the 18th of sept, and I cant remember anything these days, I cant believe it is just about here
  • candy to suck on

    pillows...I love having my own pillows

    Other than that I cannot help you.  I had a bag packed w/ everything and ended up using none of it.  Delivered within 2 hrs of arriving at the hospital.  May you have a nice short labor like that...

  • I never had a hospital bag because I went to the hospital from my office not knowing I was in labor and had Emma before Wes could get home to get anything..that being said..things that I needed or ended up getting late are:

    mine own pads instead of the hospital ones

    a breastpump

    lansinoh pads/cream

    button up shirts

    nursing bras



    can't think of anything else!?


  • Coming home outfit for baby

    Comfy clothes for me to come home in (dark yoga pants, t-shirt)

    Nursing bra

    Change for vending machines (for DH)

    Hard candies

    Snacks (for DH)



    Baby book, bookmarked to page for footprints

    Digital camera (and extra batteries)

    Charger for cell phone

    I sent DH home for my OWN TOILET PAPER!!!

    Flipflops for shower and to walk around

       - dark towel (used all of the hospital's)
       - pajamas
       - bathrobe

  • Big SmileI wish I packed more bottoms.  I bought these black capri pj bottoms from Target and lived in them.  Oh my god they were so comfy.  I also lived in my nursing tanks/bras from Target.  The rooms tend to get warm especially at night so the tank was perfect.  I bought my own pads too...overnights with wings.  So much better than the hospital bulky ones.  I couldnt live without my lip stuff, I use Palmers Cocoa Butter stick.  Definitely bring slippers. 

    I brought my camera, extra batteries, cord to download pics, my own pillow, a robe, flip flops, headbands, elastics, all my shower stuff, face wash/cream, hairdryer, brushes, under eye concealer, a towel, cell phone charger....these were the neccessities.  Most of the other stuff I brought I never even used.  Your getting close!  Big Smile

    Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker
  • Good post! i was thinking about this the other day. I still have 5 weeks but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. :-) It's funny how quickly you forget about this stuff. :-)

    I also brought my boppy for the baby...so glad I did!

  • laptop....so you can keep us posted!  Hee hee.

    Actually, seriously I did bring mine and was glad I did.  Since I had a c-section I was in for 5 days.  Since I had my computer I was able to send pics to people before I came home.

  • Duh...something to wear home.  And yes, the lap top helped me feel not so disconnected since we were there for 6 days.
    Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker
  • I will add about the laptop...make sure your hospital has wireless...Westerly Hospital didn't, we brought our computer and we couldn't use it...


    Mommy to Indiana Italia 3.26.07 and Reid Thomas 1.25.10


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