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Waited 5 hours for the H1N1

So after hearing that my friend's cousin died earlier this week in Calgary from the swine flu( she was a healthy 35 yr old mom of 2 small kids), I reconsidered my position on getting the shot and took the family down to the clinic to get immunized yesterday. 

DH and I took turns standing in line outside for 4 hrs (in -15 wind chill) while the kids sat in the car.   It's a shame that these clinic haven't been very organized across the contry.  The one thing that I loved seeing were the police and restaurant owners stopping by to drop off free coffee's and hot chocolates for everyone standing in line.  This is what I love about living in Edmonton /Canada b/c people do these random acts of kindness here all of the time:-)

Re: Waited 5 hours for the H1N1

  • Glad to hear that you reconsidered. I personally feel that everyone getting the shot is the smart thing to do. The waits are horrible though and now they are saying that there isn't going to be enough of the vaccine in Canada. So much for the 50 million doses that the government had been saying they had.
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  • They finally started screening people here in Kingston yesterday.  There have also been clinics in little towns in the area that aren't advertised, its just word of mouth.  My inlaws went to one yesterday and there was no line up and they weren't turning anyone away.
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  • Scarlett and I are going on Monday. ?I am going to see if there is a clinic closer than ottawa or Kingston.?

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  • I changed my mind and Mileigh and I went yesterday. We waited 6 hours here in cold lake!
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  • I too have changed my mind re: the shot but without a car (or even with one, I'm sure) it's just too frustrating to get to one of the (too few) clinics and wait outside in line for many hours with my 19 month old son. Yeah right! And then they closed the clinics to restructure the whole thing! Yeah, I'm a little cynical about the way Alberta has handled it, but, being high risk (pregnant) I'll go get the shot when the clinics re-open.?
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