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How long...

... have you known/been dating your husband?  kclouts post in the poll intrigued me.

We've known eachother since 1996/97 (my freshman year/his sophomore year) when we were in art class together and remained friends.  We started dating in April of 1999 so have been together for 9 and a half years (married for a year and a half).

Re: How long...

  • I knew of my DH for years but didn't meet till the World Series so October 2004. So, we're hitting 4 years next month, holy cow can't believe it's been that long!
  • We've been together 4 1/2 years and have been married a little over 2.
  • Known each other for 7.5 years, together for 6, married for 1.
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  • DH and I met in the spring of 2003... I was dating his good friend/roommate at the time...

    We started  dating in 2004 and were engaged in October of 2004.

    We have been married for a little over a year now.

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  • MH & I met October of 2003 (during the playoffs), married June of 2007, so almost five years.  It goes by fast, huh????
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  • met in sept been together 7 years....married two on sept 9  :)
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  • We met at the very end of 2000 - so together for almost 8 years, married for 2 years on September 9th - wooohoooooo! :)

    Happy (almost) Anniversary MrsCJ! :) YAY Sept 9th!

  • We've been together since November 1997 (almost 11 years!) and married for 4 years.
  • We met on a blind date February 2005 and married July 2006.  So we've known each other 3-1/2 years and been married 2 years.


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  • Adam and I met in the summer of '94 when I was just 15 and started dating that year.  We broke up for about 3 years during college and got back together in '01.  So we've been best friends for 14 years, dated for 8 or so of those years, and are coming up on our third anniversary in October.

    He was also my first boyfriend and my first kiss.  Aw!

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  • We met in August 2002 and started dating the week later. Just got married two weeks ago!
  • I never know how to answer this question.? Nathaniel and I met 15 years ago in college and have been best friends ever since.? I'll admit, I've been in love with him for about 14 1/2 of those 15 years, but he had a girlfriend when we met, and that also just wasn't the time for us.? So, we both dated other people for years.? Then in 2000 we both moved to San Francisco for different reasons, and due to the housing situation there, both needed a roommate, so moved in together as "just friends".? Less than a year later we kissed for the first time, and just a few months after that we became "roommates with benefits"...but I still dated other people!? I don't know when we crossed that line to finally admitting that we were together and exclusive.? As he puts it, our relationship was on a slow burn for many years.? I think we finally confessed our relationship to family in 2003? or engaged in 2006, married in 2008.

    whew, that was long.

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  • Ry and I met in 2001 in high school - my senior year his junior.  I was dating someone else.....and as soon as we broke up - Ry immediately asked me out.  I said  no - then a week or so later asked if I could take back my answer.  We've been together ever since and have been married just over two months!
  • We started dating in July of 2000, so we just hit the 8 year mark. Got engaged May of 2007 and we've been married a little over 2 months. :)
  • met in June of '04, started dating in late July '04, engaged early August '04 (yep, three weeks later)...married July '05.  So, known him 4, married 3. 1st baby feb '07...#2 due in a few weeks! 
  • We met in 1999, but didn't start dating until May 2000.  We've been together since!
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  • We meet in 1999 when I was 12. Went to summer camp together. Then when I was 16(2003) he decided he ready to try to long distance thing (5 hours apart). He had dated another girl and took one girl out on one date but says that he couldn't get me out of his mind. We broke up twice for a total of 3 months. But known each other for 8 years, dated for 4.5, and been married for almost 8 months. So I guess we are kinda high school sweethearts.:)
  • Jason and I met in September of 2003. and started dating a week after, almost 5 whole years ago :).  We were engaged in January 2007 and married just about  2 months ago :) 
  • Oh God!  Denny and I went to elementary school together and were BF/GF in third grade.  He played hockey and I was a hockey cheerleader so I got to say his name and number during the hello cheer (PUKE)!  That lasted about two weeks (you know how fickle those grade school relationships can be).  So I have known him or of him for 27 years, although we were not in close proximity of each other for most of that time (different middle schools, high schools, college, etc.).  We "met again" in 2002 and began dating, were engaged in 2005 and married in 2006.  So thats 27 years that we have known each other, three years that we dated, one year that we were engaged, and two years that we have been married. 
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  • We went to high school together. So, I've technically known DH since '94. But... I rediscovered him in '03 and we're hitting 5 years together, 1 + married :)
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  • As always....late on this...I first saw Peter when I was a Junior in Highschool twelve years ago....I thought he was sooooooooo dreamy...we were friends for about two years, dated two years and been married for eight years!  crazy! 
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