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Not used to a guy being so into me ...

Background: I was a chubby girl in high school and most of college so I never dated a whole lot back then. Got my a$$ in shape senior year of college, dated a little here and there, met XH, and we got married. And then divorced.?

Long story short: Dating is this whole new adventure since the divorce. I'm on Match and Plenty of Fish and having a blast.?

Fast-forward?to today: I'm dating this guy and he really seems into me. I like him too, and there's definitely chemistry. He's just about everything I have been looking for in a guy. My single issue, I guess, is that I'm not used to someone liking me more than I like them. I'm not used to the compliments (which I'm still learning to take) and his eagerness to talk to or see me. It's not that he's clingy - I guess it's the way relationships are supposed to go? He's five years older (33) and admits he's done with playing games, so that's why he's open about how he feels. I guess I'm just used to guys being this big puzzle and all the wondering about if/when he'll call me. Is this really how relationships work?

Any insight would be appreciated. ?

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Re: Not used to a guy being so into me ...

  • I think that's the way mature relationships work.

    My H has never made me question his interest in me.  He was the pursuer, and I liked it that way.  Not that I didn't make my feelings clear to him as well.  But it's nice to be wanted.  And "games" don't get you anywhere.  I'd take it as a refreshing change from the norm (as long as it's not over-kill/stalkerish).

    Enjoy it!

  • Relationships tend to work better when the guy is more into the woman than visa versa. 

    If you are not used to a healthy relationship, take it slow.

  • Be happy, not afraid.  They aren't supposed to play games - although most of us have been involved with so many who do!

    So long as you are not feeling overwhelmed or pressured by his attention, just enjoy it.

     I am dating someone significantly younger and I am experiencing some of the same feelings.  He is very mature for his age (and frankly for any age) and he is so expressive with his feelings.  I almost want to tell him, "don't you get it? You are young and hot- you are supposed to be out there screwing multiple women and pretending you aren't really that into me..."

    Then I slap myself in the face, realize how much I appreciate who he is, and tell him that instead!

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