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I have to believe the Universe has a plan for us

Just a ramble...

I've posted before about my friend's dad who is suffering from lung cancer (it recently spread to his brain). Today, DH and I had an hour to spare so DH suggested we run up to the hospital to see my mom. Totally not in our plan for the afternoon but he was eager to see her. Ok, sure. We are walking into the hospital and run into DH's cousin who *happens* to be married to my friend who's dad is ill, and his nephew. I am shocked...and ask what's going on. Friend's dad's heart stopped this morning and he was rushed to the hospital. He was still in emerg on a ventilator but was not awake. I instantly went to my friend who was so shocked/happy/confused to see us there. She looked terrible. I just gave her a big hug and sat with her and her family for a few minutes. I had a heartbreaking chat with her nephew (who's 11) about what was going on. We had to go, I also didn't want to keep her from her fam.

When we were out of earshot I just broke down. I feel so badly for her and it also makes me scared about losing my own mom. Just kind of an overwhelimg moment.

Then I thought about the circumstances that came together for me to end up there for/with her. I realized that sometimes things happen b/c they are supposed to. I don't believe in coincidence. It made me feel better, knowing that perhaps I had a purpose there.

Her dad passed away an hour ago.

Re: I have to believe the Universe has a plan for us

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