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just walked down to our basement

and stepped into 4 inches of standing water from wall to wall. All my wedding stuff (along with everything else in our basement) is floating.

 We have lived in our house for 2 years, and haven't had water issues. I don't understand where that much water comes from, to be covering every inch of the floor with 4 inches of water.

 Le sigh, just what I wanted to do on trick or treating night...luckily our insurance will cover it.

Re: just walked down to our basement

  • Oh no! That's awesome your insurance covers it.  The same thing happened to some of our friends but there insurance didn't cover it..ugh! Did it ruin things like hot water heater, air/furnace, washer dryer, etc?
  • I am so sorry Melissa.  That sucks.  
    Hopefully the rest of your day goes better. 
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  • Oh no!  I'm sorry to hear this and hope it didn't ruin too much.  Now I have this urge to run home and look in our basement just in case!
  • Update: Looks like the City water had a sewage backup which caused us and a few of our neighbors to have it back up through our basement drains. Luckily the city takes responisbility, so we do have to go through our insurance, and then they will go through the City's insurance.

    I feel better about the situation, although everything in the basement is ruined, insurance will cover our losses, including a number of new wedding gifts.

  • Oh crap!  Well at least the City pays for it but oh gosh what a pain to clean up!!!!  Not to mention the sentimental value of things ruined.  :(
    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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  • Ugh, that totally sucks!  Hope you're able to get it cleaned up quickly and there isn't too much damage to your wedding stuff!
  • Bummer! Hope the city gets it cleaned up quickly, that could be a real health hazard.
  • ah, that sucks!  thank goodness the financial part is taken care of. i hope you are able to replace everything of value to you.  i must say, you have a pretty good attitude about this all, many others would freak out much more i think (myself included probably!)
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  • That's awful!   I hope you are able to get it all taken care of.   This happened to my parents last spring with all the rain, it's a mess!
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