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Hi All! :)

Sorry for being MIA lately! They've blocked just about everything at work. Which is primarily where I was nesting/blogging. I wanted to post a.s.a.p after that happened but...It's never ending busy at home! We're still working on our bathroom and tests and papers are due every week. So, I've been studying and researching stuff constantly. I wanted to post last night but, my sister needed me to watch Ainsley for her. So, I didn't get any sleep last night, but got to play with my cute as a button niece! I'd post more but my old as can be laptop needs to be replaced and I'm trying to hold out. Not sure how much longer I can last though......Ahh, now I'm off to write some silly abstract paper for my english class, blah!!! I'll try to check back while I'm writting that paper. :)

Hope everyone is doing well! 

Anyone have a netbook?? Under $300, that they like/love??

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Re: Hi All! :)

  • We miss you!!!  I understand, though. School is busy!
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  • We've miss you! Hopefully your work load will slow down some, so you can have some down time at home.
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  • I miss you all too!! :) Sadly, it probably will not slow down until after December 15th (finals). But, I'm thinking about only taking 2 easy classes next semester to give me some free time before I start into the program next year!! :)

    Mah- I hope that crazy lady is not in your class anymore!! I can't imagine she would make a good nurse! lol!

    Jess- Do you have any updated pictures of Charlie? I bet he's getting really big!!!!

    <a href="http://tinyurl.com/PROPICTS">My Bio(s) </a>

    <a href="http://sweetcountrylovin.blogspot.com/">My Blog!</a>

  • We have really missed you!!!
  • Hey! Totally understand the school thing- I'm so glad I'm done!

    Jessica just posted a pic of Charlie a few posts before this one.

  • Good to "see" you!!!  Good luck with school....it WILL pay off!
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