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petite athletes - where do you get your jeans?

I hate buying jeans, and I haven't bought a pair in over 3 years.  Well as luck would have it, out of my 3 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs ripped in the seat from wear and tear.

Part of why I hate buying jeans is that I am petite, with muscular legs, and a little waist (size 0-2).  Most jeans in my size fit me in the waist but then the thighs are uncomfortably snug. But if I buy them a size up, they're just too big in the waist but then fit in the thigh, but I'm not sure if they can get tailored in the waist and rear area (I am also cursed with a tiny butt).

Since I'm short (5'0'), I also have a hard time with the petite/ankle length.  This less of an issue, but still annoying.

So where do you get your jeans?


I swim because I'm too damned sexy for a sport that requires real clothing.

Re: petite athletes - where do you get your jeans?

  • A good tailor is your friend! I'm 5'3" and can't wear petite pants of any sort. The thighs are just too tight--love my big cycling thighs! I buy regular (misses) length pants and get them hemmed. It adds about $10 to the price of my pants and jeans, but it's worth it to have them fit well. I don't find any problem with the "rise" in the pants.

    You could try Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. 


  • I'm 5'0" as well, and mine are from American Eagle (I think it's the Boyfriend jean, but it's a tad on the long side but okay with running shoes), Express, and Gap (curvy fit - again, they're a bit long, but these are my high heel/boot jeans).
  • I worked with a girl who could be your body double!  She bought Lucky jeans but always had to get them hemmed at the bottom.

    FWIW, I'm 5'4" ish and I wear American Eagle jeans in the short size; they're the perfect length, so I am guessing they'd be long on your without a tailor's help.

  • image KatiesCats:

    I worked with a girl who could be your body double!  She bought Lucky jeans but always had to get them hemmed at the bottom.

    I am not petite, but also have issues finding jeans that fit my waist without being too tight in the legs. I now swear by Lucky brand jeans- the only ones I can wear (comfortably)- I find them periodically at Marshalls for a great price.

    image image image
  • I'm 5'3" and also get my jeans exclusively at Lucky's. I agree with pp though, you need to fit the jeans to your largest body part and then have the rest tailored down. This could be getting a cheap pair at Old Navy and then spending and extra $15-20 getting them altered. You're probably never going to find the "perfect jean" for you off the rack.
  • I really like Gap Perfect Boot and Real Straight jeans. Finding jeans that work is soooo hard! I buy the short length and then cut them off or just let them hang low. (I am generally too lazy to get them tailored . . . but goodness knows short length is always too long!)
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