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Who wants to diagnose me?

Yeah, I know its random and you can't really diagnose someone over the internet.  But I've been in pain for the past 6 months, and going to different doctors, who all tell me the same thing but do something different, none of which helps in the long haul.  I can't even drive my own darn car anymore without being in absolute excruciating pain....

About six months ago I was having trouble sleeping so I was laying on the couch all night watching t.v..  After a while this began to hurt my right hip and right lower back.  I got a chiropractic adjustment, which helped.  But, whatever it was quickly slipped out of place again and i was in pain again.  I couldn't lay on my back, it hurt too bad, I had to prop myself up on pillows and lay face down.  I got more adjustments and same old same old.  After the bar exam I tried another doctor....gives me the same adjustment each time and after about 30 minutes in the car its hurting yet again.  I went to a clinic.  they diagnosed me with hip bursitis and back spasms.  I was given anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers.  I'm still taking them.  I got another adjustment yesterday, and my lower back is still in excruciating pain.  My MIL is a massage therapist and has tried working on it, and she says my thigh muscles, muscle in the rear end (sorry, don't know names) all feel tight.  Which they do, it hurts when she works on them.  All I know is I'm in pain.  I was told not to do exercises.  I would like to strengthen those muscles and maybe that would help but I'm not supposed to.   Its so darn frustrating!!!  I can't even sit on a soft surface without being in pain.

So, before I go throwing more money I don't have at other doctors, has anyone had anything similar to this??  Do you know anyone that has, and what they did to resolve it?  Should I try a specialty doctor?  I'm just at a loss and if I throw one more dime and one more minute of my time at this I think I just need more direction.  Sorry its so long, any ideas are appreciated!!!


Re: Who wants to diagnose me?

  • Have any of your doctors suggested a lumbar MRI?

    I don't have anything near a diagnosis, but it sounds like an MRI might help diagnose you.

  • You may have better luck visiting a physical therapist than a chiropractor.
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  • Is it possible that its scholiosis? (I probably spelled that totally wrong)
  • image678Sara:
    Is it possible that its scholiosis? (I probably spelled that totally wrong)

    After some intense google research I found it might be this or sciatic pain.  I thought only pregnant women had sciatic trouble, but my symptoms line up with what this website said pretty well (which could be total b.s.). 

    I just put myself on self-appointed bed rest so nobody makes me go anywhere.  I'm surrounded by about 10 pillows to take the pressure off my lower back, and DH is so sweet checking in on me every 15 minutes and bringing me things.

  • No new advice, but perhaps seeing an orthopedist or neurologist might help.  I agree, I think whatever it is, physical therapy is a good suggestion.  If it is sciatica they'll want to try PT before doing anything else.

    I hope you feel better!

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