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I just yelled at a door-to-door salesman

This is the second time recently that a door-to-door person has been to my door and been Mister-Nice-Guy and then turns into a total @sshole when I shoot him down. The guy comes running up as I was walking in the door so I couldn't get away .. he starts blabbering on and on and I cut him off as politely as I could and told him I wasn't interested in magazine subscriptions. He starts telling me these are different because part of the procedes go to charity for kids (probably a lie), and I told him that my grandfather started a charity several years ago and that I save my contributions for that charity.

He says "Fine, I guess not everyone wants to help out kids" and turns and walks away quickly. I laughed out loud and yelled "Actually my grandfather's charity IS for kids so I've helped out a LOT of children, thanks!". I don't know why I lost my temper like that but it is kind of ironic ... Screaming at the man to tell him what a nice person I am.

Re: I just yelled at a door-to-door salesman

  • that's his piss you off so you feel the need to defend yourself.  And give him money.


    I don't get door to door sales people.  and when I do, most of them think Dawg is going to eat them.  :-)

    (she's not but...I might not disillusion them)

  • LMAO!  I'm glad you did yell at him.  What a way to make sales - be rude to any potential customer!
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  • Geek!!! I haven't really gotten to "talk" to you since you came back to us:)
  • YesCakeBig Smile Way to go.  I've always wanted to do that!
  • Once I got a call from a fireman who was trying to get me to support some firemen's charity, and when I politely declined him several times he started getting all sarcastic about how I have no respect for people who put their lives on the line for me.  Indifferent 
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  • Actually we had a run of those a year back and actually they were just stealing your money and information, it was a big crime ring.  Dont give money to door to door stuff unless its like girl scouts or something.
  • I would have called the police. There was a big thing in my area about some fake company dropping off a horde of people to sell subscriptions - no matter what. The sellers ended up stealing and other crimes. One tried to murder another seller. Turns out they did not have the permits to peddle in NY and they all went to jail.

  • Next time you want to get rid of them quickly, ask for their solicitor permit. If they don't have one, call your police non-emergency number. Most towns require that these people register with the town. In our department, we run criminal background checks and require a fee along with photo id for everyone going out. And we will deny certain people from the group and not others, based on their backgrounds.

    MANY of these people have serious criminal records (magazine sellers), and most of the companies are fake and fronts for something else. 


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