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Welcome home, Digby!

Yesterday we drove to New Hampshire to pick up Digby. We arrived 30 minutes early, but the parking lot was already beginning to fill up with anxious families awaiting their own pets. The transport finally came shortly after 2PM. He came off the transport very scared and dirt, but I would be too if I'd been in a crate for so long! We spent a fair amount of time wandering around and letting him eat and drink before we hit the road. He slept most of the way home on his own blanket. We stopped in Scarborough and bought his a new collar and leash (Bad to the Bone from Harley, of course!) and a harness and brush.

We have been settling in to life as a family today. We discovered that he just turned 7 months old and was born shortly before my birthday. He definitely is still a puppy and has tons of energy! We've been working on figuring out his toy tastes (chew toys, but not balls) and finding ways to burn his energy. We've already horsed around outside and went for a long walk this morning. It has been fun adjusting to our new lifestyle.

I've upload pictures from the past 24 hours to


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Re: Welcome home, Digby!

  • Yay!! I'm so happy and can't wait to meet Digby! The one common thread we've noticed with the fosters is they looooove rawhides. You have to be careful and make sure they don't get aggresive with them but so far we've had good luck and they carry them around like trophys! Enjoy your day with him, and although it's hard try to keep him to yourselves so he knows you two the most :)
  • Awww!! He's so freakin cute, and littlier then the first picture. He's about the same size, or a tad bigger then Lucy. You're pictures say it all, I'm so happy you got your puppy :)
  • We are planning to stay home today and tomorrow to get him used to being here. So, unless our parents come to us, TFB! My ILs don't even know that we got a dog yet. LOL!

    He is such a good dog even though he's a puppy. When we were getting him, I told the transport what his name was and they immediately knew who he was. They told us that he was such a good dog the entire trip. We were so proud!

    He's a bit timid around dogs, but we'll socialize him gradually so he learns that most of them are playmates and not enemys.

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  • Susie, he is cute!!!!  Have fun with him and enjoy!  He looks so happy already!!
  • yeah!  He's so cute!  Im so glad you are having a great time with him.  how is his confidence?  we have discovered Buddy has been doing some submissive peeing and that gets annoying because he does it right at the door!  :)
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  • oh and let me know how he is with strangers.  My mom came by today and Buddy got a bit agressive with her.  As soon as she sat on the floor and santana went to visit her with no problems, then he was fine.  I really think it is a confidence thing.
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  • Susie he's so cute!! Congratulations and enjoy your day!!
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  • So cute!! And you had a great day for the transport!! It was raining the day we picked up Cider... which made it difficult to let him do the wandering and eating thing!
  • He's absolutely adorable!!  What a freaking cutie.  I bet he'd love a Kong stuffed w/ yummies like peanut butter, apples, bananas, etc. too.  I used to freeze them for Sadie (especially when she was teething or getting into something she shouldn't) and she would work on them for like 30 minutes.  They say for every 20 minutes a puppy chews, that equals 1 hour of nap time - not sure if it's true but it's good to keep in mind!
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    Jake blowing out the candle at Katie's coming home party :o)
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  • That's so great!!  I remember waiting in the parking lot and feeling like we were doing something illegal with all the money trading and people hanging around in their cars.  I hope the first nights go well for all of you :)
  • He is so handsome.  I would have fell in love with him at first sight also!!  Have fun with your family member!
    Jill---Married and loving it!!!!
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  • You can tell by the pictures that he's got a ton of personality!? So cute...have fun!

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  • Congrats, susie!  What great pictures!  Like PP said, he has a great personality!  How did he do over the weekend?
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  • He looks happy to be home, what a cutie!
  • Congrats, Mom! What a cutie, hope he's still doing great with you guys and settling in![&]
  • Awww he's adorable! Congrats!  He looks like he is such a lovebug!  I have to say, my fav pic was of Alan play bowing in your backyard! hahaha. 
  • He's still getting used to have a man around a lot. Digby spent the past 7 months of his life with little to no contact with them, so he's very timid. But he does love playing race car, as I call it, with Alan. He corners like he's in the best car ever! Our poor carpet is going to be worn out before we even get to kids. LOL!

    He is still really attached to me and gets really anxious when he can't find me. But we do still love him and are glad that he's finally here. As Alan says, "Good thing he's cute!" We are training him not to jump on people and he is showing progression there. I'm also working with him to sit at the door before we open it. I'm doing well with it, but he doesn't listen to Alan very well. He's a smart little bugger with more than enough energy to wear us out in a day. Crating him this morning when I came to work was hard. His yelps definitely pulled on my heart strings. But he calmed down as soon as I was out of the house and at my car. I can only imagine how baslistic he'll be when I get home.

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  • He is a total terrier!  You are going to have the best time with him!  Try kicking around a soccer ball and take him swimming.  Those are Trouble's two favorite activities and he is pretty exhausted after both!  SO CUTE!
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