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Co-irker Rant


B!tchy, passive-aggressive clerk was loudly complaining in the hallway a few minutes ago about how attorneys (including myself) handle their cases and don't do any work.

She has been watching a talk show in the break room, while talking on her cell phone about matters clearly not work-related for the past hour.

All the bosses are gone for the day.

The Blog

Re: Co-irker Rant

  • How annoying.  I would call her out on it...but that's just me.  Devil
  • image NorCalMrs.:
    How annoying.  I would call her out on it...but that's just me.  Devil


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  • I go in there and leave and slam the door.
  • image 10YearsTogether:
    I go in there and leave and slam the door.

    I sort of did this. I slapped a couple files down on her desk to be subpoenaed and then I left for the day.

    But I'm pretty sure that when I left she was still watching tv and not doing the subpoenas.

    The Blog
  • I would pull rank and give her some supershitty files to work on. 
  • She is total queen bee of the office and gets away with a lot of unprofessional & inappropriate behavior. Even the supervisors are scared of her. She's good at her job (when she feels like working), but so are a lot of people. When does competency = a free pass to do whatever?

    I work in such a backwards county.

    The Blog
  • UGH!  My friend has someone in her office like that.  She runs the place and everyone is afraid of her and tiptoes around her even though technically, my friend outranks her.

    That bugs!

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