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Cider spent the night out of his crate last night!  He did really well... except he is a bed hog!  I think we are going to have to bring his bed from downstairs upstairs at night and have him sleep on that because I had to get up at 5 this morning to sleep on the couch because I couldn't get comfortable with DH and dog taking up all the bed!


But no accidents.. slept all night... let DH know when he needed to go out this morning... so far so good we will try again tonight and hopefully this means no crate at night!  


Right now he is limited just to our bedroom... but we will be trying to figure out some way to block off the stairs so he can't get down them and also the office... since that is where the litter boxes are (can't wait to get a house so those can go in the basement!) and then we can open the door so the cats can come and go in our room. 


But overall a success!  We are so proud of him! 

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Re: Yay!

  • yeah!  thats awesome!  always great when they can have some freedom.

    Have you tried using a baby gate?  When tana was having accidents in the scrap room we got a baby gate to block it off.  Now she has access to it and hasnt had an accident.  :)

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  • awesome!  It's the little things in life that make us sooo happy!
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  • yeah we just have weird door ways and stair wells... our building is really old... and we only have a railing on one side of our stairs... so we just have to figure out how wide that is and go from there... we are going to take little steps with him... :)
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  • kristen that is so exciting!!  It was the best thing in the world when nFenway started sleeping with us!   Talk about Bed HOG!!!  LOL.....  We bring he rbed up every night and down stairs in the morning and she'll sleep with us until we get boring and then she'll go to her bed and sleep there.. but she alternates throughout the night.... silly girl...  I am so proud of Cider!  Way to go little guy!!!! 

  • Yay!! We've been past that part but I love when our fosters can be trusted and snuggle with us! we have the dog beds beside us but Lucy likes to jump in the bed at night and hide under the sheets. For a tiny dog she and Tucker are BIG bed hogs and have to sleep perpendicular to how we're sleeping grrr lol Goodluck with the progress!!
  • Woohoo!!  What a big boy!
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  • Trouble likes to do the perpendicular thing too.  SO ANNOYING!
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