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What are your must have flight carry ons?

I do two European business trips a year, plus I lived in England for five years and my husband is British so I do and have done a fair amount of transatlantic flying.

I was thinking about this on my flight from Hamburg yesterday.  I now have a MUST HAVE list of necessitites that I've minimalized to a science.

  • Pashmina/Shawl - can be used as a blanket or rolled up and used as a neckroll
  • Hoodie (wear) - can be pulled down over your eyes as a makeshift eyemask
  • Water - lots of it
  • Mints/gum
  • Advil PM
  • Kashi and/or Luna bars, at least two.
  • Slipper socks
  • Earplugs
  • Moisturizer (hand and facial)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A magazine and a book (the book as a necessity is new because I dealt with a broken entertainment system yesterday)
  • And I wear comfy clothes and slip on shoes and no makeup*.

 *generally I never have to go straight into a business meeting on arrival

What are your flight must haves for yourself?


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Re: What are your must have flight carry ons?

  • For an overseas trip:  socks, pashmina used as a scarf, travel pillow, travel blanket, iPod, magazines, books, eyemask
  • Slip on shoes 

    A book


    a small snack/drink (usually varies)

    A light jacket (though I like you're idea of using a shawl)

    travel pillow


    if it's an overseas flight, I like to have a magazine and socks, too.

    also, I usually go to the bathroom early in the flight and wet a paper towel because it gets so dry on planes. I'll cup it over my nose (inconspicuously) if I feel dried out. it sounds really weird as I type it, but it works. 

    I usually have a lot more with me because I don't like checking luggage, but those are the things I like to have easily accessible.  

  • my list is almost identical to yours but i always bring my ipod and a puzzle book as well. i dont bring earplugs. i can sleep in grand central :) also no advil pm-just regular motrin.
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  • Sanitizing wipes/hand sanitizer

    Xanax & Ambien

    iPod-Laptop (or dvd player)

    Cashmere socks

    Trashy tabloid magazines

    Any work stuff I need



  • ipod & laptop

    easy shoes to get on and off - usually sandals or flats

    a hoodie 



    klonopin for anxiety - don't need it everytime but it's good to have on hand

    a book and/or magazine 

    headphones (goes with ipod I suppose) 

    as long as I am comfortable - have something to stay warm - and something to keep busy - I'm good!

  • this is what i packed for my flight tomorrow.



    i'll get a bottle water at the terminal

    purse inside my carry on

    boarding pass/flight info/passports/etc..

    my quart size zipper bag (contacts, hand sanitizer; lotion, lip gloss)

    hair brush

    i'm going to wear some light layers too incase its chilly.


  • For an overseas flight?

    - Wear a cardigan or light fleece over short sleeves
    - Wear socks
    - Wear shoes that tie (my feet swell)
    - Book
    - Neck pillow
    - Eyemask
    - Noise-isolating earphones
    - Airline earphone plug adapter
    - Earplugs
    - Tissues
    - Pen (for filling out immigration forms)

    I keep everything but the clothes and the book (and the neck pillow because it won't fit) in a little Singapore Airlines pouch so that it's ready to go whenever I fly.

  • The only thing I'd add to your list is my iPod and I usually carry my camera on board too - I'd be pissed if I got to my destination and it had broken in my suitcase or if my luggage was lost.  Now that I have a laptop, I'll probably be bringing that along, too.
  • - my travel pillow

    - comfy fluffy socks

    - elastics to put my hair up

    - hand sanitizer & lotion

    - ipod

    - mags & book(s)

    - travel itineraries & plans to go over

    - sometimes DH & I play travel Scrabble (if he's not sleeping, lol)

    - my friend Ativan...


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  • I take all the usuals you ladies listed, but I'm gonna add one thing: undies. I've gotten stuck more times than I like to remember, waiting in a random city for the "next" flight out tomorrow (with my luggage headed who knows where). If I can't have a full change of clothes, at least some fresh skivvies are nice.
  • My purse, which always has lip balm, tylenol & advil, airborne, iPod, hand sanitizer, & mints.  Also wear a knit jacket and I always bring magazines, my jewelry and all of my powdered makeup in my carryon.  I have had too many eyeshadows, blushes, compacts break up whenever I check them with my luggage so I've made a habit of stuffing them in my carryon.  I fly back and forth alot between NYC and London so I always have a bunch of landing cards for both countries completed with all the info except the date and flight number.
  • A lot of the same- ipod/iphone (ipod video and iphone- my iphone alone can't fit all my music/books on mp3 AND movies/tv shows I want so I split them), earplugs and splitter (so DH and I can watch shows together), cardigan, neck pillow, pen, ativan, snacks (trail mix, laughing cow cheeses), moisturizer, makeup, contact solution/case, glasses, my camera, passport, itineraries 

    I'm going to add one more thing that might sound weird for a 20something, but for my insanely long trip to Thailand I am thinking about bringing some coloring sheets and colored pencils...Yes I am 12 yrs old :)  Just thought that sleeping/movies/music might get boring after 20+ hours.

  • I pretty much bring the same except I always have benadryl.  I have some major allergies and I always take it on a long flight so it is in my system when I land.  I hate to spend my first day of vacation sneezing my head off.
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  • chapstick, water, and my kindle

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