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AMBeede - swimming in hotel pool if you're not a guest?

I was just wondering what your take on this is. My ILs are coming to town and they're specifically staying in a hotel with an indoor pool because their kids want one. If we went over and joined them in the pool for a bit, how big of an issue is that for the hotel? Would they even know who is a guest and who is not? (ILs are getting 3 rooms for 9 people).


Re: AMBeede - swimming in hotel pool if you're not a guest?

  • I've swam at hotels when family was staying there and I wasn't and it has never been an issue.  As long as you are with them or have the room key to get into the pool you should be fine.
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  • I feel badly, because it never occurred to me that this would be an issue.  When my ILs come to town they get a hotel so all the grandkids can go swimming.  I guess we always figured since they were paying for the room, but not using the pool we would! 

    Now sneaking into a hotel when you know no one is a guest is definitely wrong, but I know people do that too, just not us!  

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  • If your family is staying, then it's not that big of a deal. It gets to be an annoyance when grandparents/aunt & uncle/whoever bring the whole extended family-worth of kids and leave one or 2 adults in there with them.

    Just make sure to stay close to someone that is staying at the hotel in case you need through a door or need a key re-programmed.

    Non-guests are not covered by the hotel in any way, shape, or form if something were to happen. I'm also pretty sure that insurance is the reason that non-guests can't come to swim on their own, without family/friends staying in the hotel. (We've had home-school parents ask if their kids can come for swimming lessons; not allowed at all.)

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