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Cleaning out my closet... High school shirts

So I'm doing a purge of the giant suitcase full of clothes that isn't in my regular rotation. I'm wondering what to do with some that I don't feel right giving away.

I have a ton of t-shirts from high school (I was in band, choir and 2 years in theatre, think about 2-3 shirts a year per activity). I've been saving them, because, well, they're my h.s. memories, but don't wear them that often because where do I wear them? Some do fit, some sadly don't. DH has a couple too that he just can't give away either, but doesn't wear.

A thought just crossed my mind to make them into reusable bags. But wondering if anyone else has any ideas?

Re: Cleaning out my closet... High school shirts

  • the memories aren't in the tshirts, they're in your mind.

    the tshirts are nothing more than useless pieces of cloth taking up valuable space Stick out tongue

    at least this is what i tell myself. i still have a few i use for working out, the others have since been donated (if they were in good shape) or have been lovingly cut up and rehomed to the garage for use as garage rags.

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  • How about putting them on display? Do you have an office you could put them in?  You could use square record frames or put them between pieces of plexiglass.

     If you don't want to display them you might want to put them in travel space bags. They don't take up much space and you can buy them from Container Store for cheap. See pic below.image

  • I didn't read all the other posts.....so not sure if someone suggested this.

    What about making a quilt?  That way you can keep all your tshirts and cuddle up with them. :)

    I have instructions for a super easy reusable bag pattern if you would like it. 

  • I have a ton of shirts like this - and while I do not wear them out I wear them around the house.

    I do like Becky's idea of making a quilt that sounds cute!

  • Hm... I think I may do the quilt idea (I like it! Didn't think of that) and maybe make a bag or two as well.

    I just can't bring myself to donate them, since nobody here would know what the heck they're from! (for some reason, that's important to me...) If I was still in IL, it may be different. And the shirts aren't that cool to display, lol, we also have no room for that.

    Thanks a bunch ladies!
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