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BR: Keeping LO's warm

What do you put on your LO at night?  I know they still don't recommend covering them with a blanket at this age.  Plus he moves around enough that I doubt he would stay under any covers.  As a little guy I used a sleep sack.  We have been having some sleep issues lately after getting over an ear infection and then strep.  It could be separation anxiety and can address that but trying to rule out everything else.  May even go to the dr today to make sure all is well. 
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Re: BR: Keeping LO's warm

  • at that age, I would put her in a white onesie and fleece jammies.. I also gave her a small blanket but she snuggled with it more than covered up with it..
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  • DS sleeps in warm jammies and has a blanket over him. He actually knows how to cover up with it himself (as well as uncover), so I don't worry about it.
  • Nicholas sleeps in a footed fleece sleeper - I like Carters the best. He seems to stay plenty warm but as the weather gets colder, I'll probably just add onesie and socks under it. I do give him a blanket at night, which helps him fall asleep, but he usually creeps to one end of the crib and the blanket stays at the other, so I don't worry.

  • We do footed sleepers with a tshirt underneith also. K has blankets but she chooses to sleep with them stuffed under her. :) I found that Sams Club sells Carters footed sleepers for $7 if you're looking for a bargain.

    Anyone have trouble with Carters sleepers' feet being kind of snug? I think K has chubby piggies. lol

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  • I put him in the Carter's pj's plus a onesie.  I don't have any problem with the feet fitting - sometimes it is a challenge to get his feet in the foot portion.  G's feet are a little on the chubby side too!  I am going to attribute the waking to his top molars and another phase of separation anxiety.  It is great that his loves mommy, but really prefer he not need to see me in the night!
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  • Gretta sleeps in a fleece footie sleeper and we still use a fleece sleep sack.  We just velcro it under her armpits, so basically it is just a blanket that stays put.  she also wears socks if it is especially cold, and i'll add a onesie once it gets colder.  haha, i am always cold, so i just assume she is too! :)
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  • I am always cold too other than these pregnancy hot flashes I have been getting.  My inclination would be to put a bunch of layers on him - just like I need at night!
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